Muzi Bai how can Taobao customers carry out more effective promotion

in the previous article ("guest difficulties: do not understand the code without the website how to do Taobao guest", we simply talk about) as a novice Taobao customers, how to solve the problem of no website. In your reply, found a lot of friends in the site to solve the problem, begin to pay attention to how to promote more effective, so the old white temporary on the topic has been adjusted, the period of topic change: Taobao customers how to promote more effective


in this topic, as Taobao customers, is a core topic, but also a very sensitive topic, I talk about some personal opinions here today, not all right, hope to have more to master revealed a little secret. Rich, we earn together, in 2009, is the Internet began to open to the year, huh.

, a calm mind, is the premise of effective promotion

personally, I think this is very important for many novice Taobao customers. This is the past two years, I do Taobao customers to promote the most profound experience, but also in the Ali mother community to see some of the phenomenon summed up. Many people joined in the promotion of Taobao customers, perhaps because some of the experts have been in the tens of thousands of weeks, and I think this is a very profitable thing. So they hurried out several links, put a few pieces of code, or get a promotion channel provided by the official page of several, began to promote, and think little of analysis, even in the Ali Mama Taobao customers to promote the exchange of view, to send their own promotion link. Blood boiling for half a month, see no income, began to complain, and gradually began to give up. Without a calm mind, there is no guarantee of long-term promotion.

said here, I simply talk about my own situation, if you are interested, when the story to see, if not interested, skip this paragraph. I started in 2007, Ali mother launched Taobao customers, began to do this, and so far, almost 2 years. Remember the first income, is in my promotion more than 3 months later, inexplicable transaction of a box of condoms, earn less than 6 yuan. At that time, I like to do stand, do not understand, can earn money, I feel very happy, so do the station began to explore, although not earn much money, but I think the whole process is very full, very rewarding. For Taobao customers to promote, for me, it is Wangzhuan, rather than play. I never out this work work, the family accompany with my family, so I don’t want to disturb my normal life. Others have time to play games, I have time to play promotion. Now, those later than I do to promote the master, I have a monthly income of tens of thousands, a monthly income of over a thousand. I think they got what they deserved, and I got what I deserved. I did not become a master, but also have their own happiness, this is just a mentality. I would like to put off promotion as Taobao play in the beautiful seaside beach, a little income, when the right is a beautiful shell occasionally picked up.

two, change ideas, more than Taobao sellers learning

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