A small station without technology, 7 years of experience in building a station

first published article, in Admin5 webmaster net primary school graduation, typos more errors, please. Born in 70s, not an hour, because the parents are outside, no one cares, resulting in primary school after graduation, never want to go to school. 99 years begin to contact the computer, or when playing the game, red alert, Rome, then to the middle, and slowly learned QQ chat, QQ friends, contact the game, play the nine chat, chat etc.. 01 years began about to meet friends, then see the city, once seen in the work of the Internet, gradually familiar with, she told me she has a website (personal home page), I see that after the fun, asked her to teach me, because I have no culture, she taught me several times, is no longer willing (no culture, teach very tired). I only knew space and domain name at that time.

I have been interested in the website, no one taught, only slowly on the Internet to find, remember that was found in 9126 with 3721 free 2 domain name. And then find a free space, edit directly in the background, you can add pictures, text, and music. Slowly learned to check the source code, take other people’s modifications, and then released.

I love music, especially DJ, was not more than DJ station, DJ music is relatively small, it is hard to find a few premieres on your home page, and then their every day on your own personal home listening to music. One day, looking at the background statistics, I found that the number of visitors is a few per day. This just know to tell people that I have a personal homepage, first to QQ friends, and then to the Chinese game center, and chat rooms where customers, so every day I remember, the highest one day more than 3000 visits. This way for six months, because I put a DJMTV video, more open. A few days free, 2 domain name on the seal, and contact the management is useless.

after half a month, began to learn to play a game called rivers and lakes, slowly playing familiar, and know that there is a way to increase their money. In a few days, they are stronger than those members, playing those members of the continuous remittance to the people who buy rivers and lakes to buy gold coins, increase physical strength, equipment. The man of the river slowly knows, I have the way to get gold coins, contact me, want me to tell him the method, I told him, he gave a Jianghu, I manage for 3 months. Institute of management, began to use the old way to publicity, but also good, often online 30-50, then began to sell the first member, give yourself a member, and then to bully some game player, the game player was someone to contact me to buy a member, soon after 3 months, the rivers and lakes the management to the back, 3 months I received 3000 yuan. Feel good, they want to open up rivers and lakes.

first to the NetEase to buy a space, is to use FTP upload, this will not, it took me a few days, and finally learned to modify the code in notepad in FTP, then contact the open arena, he put forward to buy program 300 yuan, he did not.

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