A few years later, the world has no free information, information stations profitable

information age, small and medium-sized webmaster, are you ready,


wrote today about information websites: domestic trends, information site positioning, information websites, existing operations and profit models, and the inevitable trend of charging information websites.

networks have changed their lives, search has changed the Internet, so life is so simple. But how do you need to find the valuable information in a lot of information? Yes, so the emergence of professional information service on site.

domestic development trend

domestic information sites can be said countless, but do not many good, such as: Alibaba, chemical networks. The common characteristic of these websites is to provide information release, collect certain promotion fee or membership fee. Burn money is now unprofitable: 58 city, people network (formerly Kijiji), word of mouth network, go to market and so on. Why does the former develop well, because you can create profits with the actual combination through the network, so that businesses will voluntarily throw money?. The latter needs some time to develop, and I believe that in the next 5 years, the latter must be the darling of the Internet. It will take time to improve with the ideological consciousness of the broad masses of the people. For example, Taobao, give people a period of adaptation, let people know what the network can bring. This is what the latter needs to do.

information site location

is saying what, for individual webmaster, site positioning is very important, the individual ability it is impossible to make a Alibaba come out, even if to do it is a shell without a soul. An information station is nothing more than providing people with information about professional or unprofessional daily life. For individual webmaster, local information station is more suitable for self-development, such as local delivery room network, local classification information network, local recruitment network, etc.. Because they are more familiar with the local environment, it is still relatively easy to do stand, for information updates will not be too tired, the investment will not be too big, now free program, can meet this demand. If you work in a certain industry and have a certain depth, you can establish a related information site, and provide related articles, information services, and industrial information services. The value of such sites is very high, such as: chemical network, into tens of millions. Industry information station, no experience, advised not to touch, waste of time, not to collect a few information, you can complete the mission of the station. In short the information site location: according to their own situation, do


information website current operation and profit model

The mode of operation of the

information website also provides information publishing platform and search platform, began operations or data collection more difficult, for individual webmaster, such as search engines, such people would also be with your search engine to your station, will take the initiative to publish relevant information, this time to do God is to let you fall in love with you, good user experience, so they will remember your site, the user experience is very important, let him.

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