Content payment when answering a VS, we know the value of live and competitor quality analysis

2016, the mobile Internet to drive the rapid blowout, live content, from a more convenient production content from the content to try to seek profits, for cash, which is almost half a traction line: the popularity of Internet development, people live fast since the media have started, and the red net pay more content platform to explore.

market background and financing

logic thinking of selling books, selling pay column should hot, and the best-selling Ma Dong show, in the major content platform is trying to process high content IP into profits, live money, paid content and transfer the knowledge content of entrepreneurial era.

knowledge paid to become new content, business realizable channel.

July 25, 2016, focusing on Mobile Live high-quality PGC content producers, Shun Tao media completed the first round of millions of yuan financing.

July 7, 2016, a video founder Xu Husheng announced a new round of financing, investors for CMC, a partner, Pegasus brigade.


June 28, 2016, & should get $25 million A round of financing, investors include Jing Yuan capital, Sequoia Capital, Wang Sicong and Luo Ji thinking, over $100 million valuation.

June 27th, "South seven new media" announced that the company completed 5 million yuan Angel round of financing, valuation of 30 million yuan, investors as easy as an angel.

June 2016, the reading and writing platform, Jane book, won the fortune fund, millions of dollars, A rounds of investment.

May 2016, the Institute of plugging into the real fund, the new list of 7 million Pre-A investment.

March 2016, Papi sauce received 12 million first round of investment, investors as the real fund, Luo Ji thinking, light source capital, star map capital.

February 2016, the number of public tongue film was 100 million A round of investment valuation.


product positioning, demand and business model analysis,


in line

May 15, 2016, formally launched on June 8th, $25 million financing.


learned from the value between the experience of failure "in words as the carrier of information, then switch to failure" speech, questions dominated by users, open the way to share with onlookers – secretly listened to the way.

(user) from the question and answer with eavesdropping (sharing) the primary mode, to generate two-dimensional code, after listening to personal friends listen to free, and increase the appreciation, to share micro-blog function……

questions, questions, answers, and listeners contain the entire line

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