The nternet project operation want to born to die

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is a bit extreme and arbitrary, but it is not without reason. Ma initially involved in the Internet is a translation website, this website is still exist today, Haibo translation agency, in order to maintain the site’s survival, when Ma and team’s first ever purchase from Yiwu stall. Although we dare not say it inspired Ma Yun, it may be speculated that these experiences inspired Ma Yun’s B2B web site. Zhou Hongwei initially do is search and community services, but no improvement, but is not too popular antivirus software by the Blitz, but had already abandoned the search, now Qihoo to pick it up, have done fast. To students, the first for the logic is this: a lot of Internet project ideas are not down to earth, so it is difficult to go up by the market’s favorite. May be a chicken, or into despair, but in this impasse, the operator may find Internet users and consumer interest points.

I can talk about several Internet projects I have experienced.

finance website:

after 2000, the number of our stock has doubled and redoubled every year, and the market has been on the upward trend. In 2006, the company entered a stock advisory body, whose business model was mainly to provide investment advice through stock analysts answering calls from investors. In 2007, we launched our website, and we hope to attract more telephone resources through the website. However, financial information is nothing more than copy, and each financial website content does not have its own original content, the amount of site visits has been low. Coupled with the 2008 financial crisis, the site is in a state of no management. But we found that the web site provides a very stable blog for employees. Because some of the content is stock investment advice. We like how to use these content. Finally, we developed a stock consulting software, mainly to provide original comments, analysis and other consultation. This kind of software abroad is the Bloomberg, Bloomberg has the advantage of a large team of editors and journalists, although we can not do this, but we take the prospective investors to seek the concept of the subject of psychology, the good software market performance, the company’s main source of profits has become. Financial website is still uncompleted project, but in the dying time, we find a willing to pay for the psychological position of consumers. Relying on this, we are able to survive.

classification information:

after 2008, the author accepted another Internet operation project. There is a newspaper called Jiangnan travel newspaper, we got a part of the newspaper layout, operation rights, mainly published classified information. At the same time, we would like to do a classification, information publishing and communication website. After the online site, whether registered or browsing, there has been no qualitative upgrading. During the period, we have held two offline activities, one is on-site recruitment, encouraging applicants to go on

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