Super new station, soft Wen

recently in a forum to see a soft that I am admire, not because of technical soft can also have this effect, to be honest, the webmaster is a veteran. Here is a brief introduction of this soft Wen is how to write?.

Title: human flesh identification website content authenticity

content is: today on the Internet to find the place to live in Yangshuo, looking for a long time, basically a travel agency website, and finally found a site called Yangshuo accommodation.

is known as the neutrality, to ensure that the content is true, I do not believe ah, ha ha, you from the inside to find a few hotel and asked to call the past is also the hotel front desk, just want to is not inside information is true to the identification of friends in Yangshuo, if the site really is estimated Yangshuo will affect accommodation industry, if it is false, call 315 complaints directly to the


is the best in Yangshuo there was a friend to help identify! I hope to have a good network information environment, find the fake.

The original

is that, after reading out badly, no matter where it is very good, I also went to see, is an introduction to the hotel’s website, estimated the content is original, so dare to do this, is the most fierce hit 315 is false and what


, whether novice or veteran, should learn this soft text.

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