The SEO requires five discreet means of operation

SEO will inevitably encounter various problems in practice, the ranking is not stable, eager to presentation, are likely to make you worry even if you act with undue haste, but be careful of their SEO means, will be thinking and strategy of your future decision and development of the website later.

1. Change your website title carefully.

site title business license is equivalent to the company’s brand or business, so when you change the brand or change the business license is equivalent to replace the logo, logo to replace the need to inform you again from the new and old customers, develop new customers. The title of the website is the same, changes should follow the original foundation, and must not change face.

two, website revision, by no means change URL and link layer

The URL of

website is equivalent to every product of enterprise and enterprise. The replacement of product is equivalent to the core content of enterprise. When you make a revision, if the website is original quality, URL must not change. Your website is equivalent to a city, then the link level is equal to every city house number, if change, search engine from new grab, increase the difficulty at the same time, resulting in the burden of search engines.

three, caution 301 weight transfer


Wang Kejiang in an article on the Zac blog teacher suddenly disappeared from the SEO rankings in the title once said, then a detailed analysis of the Zac under the teacher’s blog, where the main problem is that the 301 person weight transfer fails, you can clearly see in some stone interactive website subordinate blog Zac teacher ranked up and what this means? 301 weight transfer Baidu has denied.

four, the chain is not easy to run, the station link

need to be cautious

chain should be synchronized with the content of the site, to maintain a certain frequency, steady development, do not rush in order to avoid excessive optimization.

When the

station link can effectively improve your rankings, but also will cause fatal harm to you, the station link is ZhengZhan weight, if the other side of the ZhengZhan weight decreased gradually, it will cause your website weight drop, so here suggest raising their own resources.

five, link purchase and black chain

purchase links is a helpless approach, the link will sell the link to sell you, will also sell to your competitors, then the link will gradually poor resources, your site will be affected by this. Black chain, not to mention, you can hang other people can also, in the popular black chain is a group of hidden, your black chain what quality? Not to mention the black chain is also a kind of illegal behavior,


summary: as SEO, should be in a good grasp of the quality of the site on the basis of marketing, increase web site keywords in the Internet exposure, the overall improvement of the quality of the website is the right way!



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