Website promotion method to write personal webmasterPerformance began to recover, but Japanese media

SONY brand strategy master Secretary Mori Shigeki said, "want to let everyone experience the SONY technology, that we are a gathering of unique and challenging talents of the company". Sen tree in 2014 into the brand strategy department work, the department entrusted with the well, SONY brand recovery hope. Mori Shigeki said, "at the time," young people say, ‘SONY used to be a very powerful company’, and now we have made a response".


, I do proxy website 4 most effective publicity methods:

skills of writing is written, but many people fail to do this, perhaps they are afraid of hardship or lazy, this bitter all eat, also talk about what the money!

A, to each big forum posts. this is the best method of publicity. It works best.

in the forum posts, I suggest that the manual and software together with.

1, manual posts: it is best to NetEase, NetEase, Sina forum community forum, forum and several other famous Sohu forum post. or online, thousands of forums are OK.

NetEase Forum: www.163 refers to the NetEase in the home on the top of the navigation bar on the forum.

such as: sports news financial technology commercial game entertainment female life real estate University Tourism health culture education abroad car mobile phone shopping guide Guangdong Shanghai

these it is posted in the forum, the forum is particularly effective in the following:

Sports finance business game entertainment tourismNetEase: NetEase bj.163

if you registered 20 numbers, each number of passwords are the same, so it is more convenient, you can send 20 times 30 = 600.

General Post complete NetEase forum to 3 hours, 3 hours to complete a Sina forum, issued a complete forum to Sohu for 2 hours,

post title and content to often change, so that it is fresh, posting the title on their own thinking,

post content, you can visit your home network and membership area in internal announcement.


brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

, an American brand consultancy, Interbrand in 2016, SONY’s global ranking dropped to fifty-eighth place, with less than 1/20 of Apple’s brand value. Apple ranked first in the world, brand value has exceeded 20 trillion yen. Like apples, with new merchandise and

, for example, in the "magic test" project, the player holds a simulated pistol, and once the gun is pointed at the wall, the enemy moves accordingly. The player can pull the trigger, use magic to capture the opponent, and only the player with the potential of the magician can hear the information from the sky. Shiratori Shogo, a 32 year old company employee who experienced the project, said excitedly, "really, like magic, I feel personally.". I didn’t realize it was SONY".

in fact, the magic pistol used by the player uses the latest image display device, "ultra short focus projector."". The "black tech" can display realistic 3D images in close distance walls, and can also move images by hand like a touch screen. SONY will also introduce smart phones, linked to the image projected onto the wall, you can manually manipulate the image of the device. For example, if the piano keyboard is projected onto the wall, the user can send the corresponding sound by touching the keys with his hands.

brand ranked the world’s first 58

, "Japan’s economic news" reported on June 4th, SONY began to promote brand rejuvenation. Has been in the world to launch a portable music player, "Walkman" and other best-selling products glorious history has become SONY distant past, long-term downturn performance, so that "SONY" brand eclipsed. However, SONY President Hirai Yifu said, "SONY is a company that attaches great importance to consumer ties."". The horizontal well, the results of the recovery have been taking shape, the brand has become an important topic of the legacy of the Renaissance, SONY began to take new initiatives.

at the end of March, Tokyo is held in Japan’s largest animation exhibition "Anime Japan", about 150 thousand people showed up to record highs. The popular topic at the conference is the animated show "the students of the wizarding high school". Here, SONY, a ESPER research institute that has set up research super power, uses the latest digital technology to make anime fans experience the feel of being a magician.

According to a survey by

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