Dark horse Yahoo search products re on-line notificationTalk about what type of personal Adsense to

is not a successful website, but I learned a lot of experience, in fact, now, just stick to it, basically can say what the website can make money, of course, do not want to have what shortcuts can be profitable, there is, but if you don’t have the technology to a certain extent it is not easy to try and I give a few examples for individuals to do the website:

game site: when it comes to the game site many people will think of 4399, 3166, 17173, here also said that this is not, but reduced the scope, such as special three games site, around three to do a website, so ranking easy, for strong, well done traffic is very considerable.


yahoo search products, after an official month of re regulation, from today on re on-line.

1, web application:
1 or the top two domain.
2 the content of the website can not be pornographic, political, and other prohibited by national laws and regulations.
3 sites have a certain theme not content free website, pure advertising website
4 Alex site the size of the top 100 thousand, domain name registration time three months before, the special case of special processing

1 is not a pure software: br />2 "plugin cannot appear forcibly install the phenomenon i.e. non malicious software.

Although Dear members of alliance

After the

more information as in the League: http://s.top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

website to make money?When

for many beginners, even for a few years old website webmaster, this problem is thought of countless times, I was too confused, and now I’m confused, what the

intermediary website: first explain the intermediary website, it is similar to Taobao, so this kind of website profit pattern is CPS, but Taobao has been abused, the need for new ways, I have seen a web site called the library trial, this site has collected all kinds of books and articles and information content no, just a simple introduction, then each book sales will lead to Dangdang, Amazon purchase, profit model is of course a commission, this kind of website is highly targeted, suitable for individuals, if you can think of a lot of clever ways to make money, because now the network >

, and the establishment of a Changsha SEO personal blog, was ranked third, but did not feel what to use, found that the weight is good, in two put a thief program, for a week from shlf1314 every day near 5000IP, from sh419 union earn 1000 dollars, not because of is the thief, unstable, followed by shlf1314 K, so I turned off. The weight of the blog also was reduced, even by the sh419 K was too stingy to pull out a hair.

started contact Wangzhuan in 09 years, I had a health network, at first very happy, has its own website, is used in weaving process, few articles are updated every day, do manual pseudo original, about a month, every day at about 100 IP, had just contact is not very good, every day can not see the money, because no record, delivery is Adsense, only thirty or forty cents a day, that is a piece of money, I feel very little, then do easier than it is now, a month is seconds, weight is also good, because the impulse for locomotive collected tens of thousands of articles, the site has been K, although included many, but no traffic, still two directory with API Taobao, at that time included tens of thousands, but still a day is about more than 100 IP, behind that, only Stick to it is the most valuable.

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