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startup: why is the media DreamWorks investing in the tiger sniffing network? How do you see trends and profit models like these original web sites?

Chiang Chun: 22 of the competition won the project, some of which we have invested, and some of our partners to invest, and now are in a sensitive period, so not too good to say, has been talking about. Some projects are not in Hangzhou, such as the development in Beijing, we can not drag him to Hangzhou, it does not make sense. But Hangzhou has its own advantages, he is the electricity supplier of all, so the entrepreneurial environment here in Hangzhou is still relatively good, we also welcome more entrepreneurs to come here.

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since October 31st last year, with the "China’s first media incubator" concept since its debut, Zhejiang newspaper group media dream factory frequently move. As of June 19th this year, more than ten teams have planned to settle down at the media DreamWorks training camp. Earlier, the tiger sniffing network investment, so that the media dream workshop once again aroused concern in the industry. Why does the investment tiger sniffing this kind of network media? What is the direction of the future investment? In July 26th, the entrepreneur interviewed the media DreamWorks CEO, which is the 2012 China Fashion special finals.


Chiang Chun: we have limited requirements for time, half a year or a specified period of time, but the concept of a successful project is not well defined until the end of the incubation program. Is the success of the listing or mergers and acquisitions are successful, or is he himself well done, or into the next round of investment to be successful? This is not a good definition. Our goal is to serve the media innovation and entrepreneurship, we must let him hatch he developed into a very good time, even if he is not in our incubator, if they need some resources, we can also provide.

, thank you for all the support your partners have been giving to the alliance!

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Chiang Chun Ming: if tiger sniffing network needs our help in investment, we will go to help. The slogan of our media DreamWorks is dedicated to serving Chinese media innovation and entrepreneurship. We believe that entrepreneurs like tiger sniffing are consistent with our goals, so we voted. A tiger sniffing the profit model, I think for a media to be issued, the user first dishes, he has influence, to find a business model to make money a day, there would be no profit without this dish.

start-up: the incubator base offers many free training services to support the winners from the new media entrepreneurship competition. So, how long is your time for a project to mature,

Entrepreneur: the end of July this year, some projects have been started in the media DreamWorks, 22 winning projects of new media entrepreneurship competition, which is the media DreamWorks

start-up country: what are the future investment directions of media DreamWorks in the media industry chain?

Jiang Qing: we will continue to invest in the media industry chain, investment >


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