Community O2O business report hard work to make moneyMake a friend from 15 years old to 21 year old

2. group for community O2O business development to lay a good foundation

editor’s note: after yesterday launched the "020 report of community user experience" see the bottom, the NetEase of science and technology today continue to launch "020 community entrepreneurs report, analysis of 020 community business logic and business model from the perspective of entrepreneurship. If there are any areas in the future that will emerge,, one of the giants of the BAT, is one of the areas in which there is room for full imagination.

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later I became age the alien in the burden of the parents, but my own mental existence and hope this hope gave me endless confidence so this is me.

"the world all profits go to" my 15 year old brother contact Wangzhuan, not for anything else just for money, although the family was good and he is still in school, but do not know why the word so Wangzhuan magic, let me have no appetite, in the children of the same age I still time to worship XX star I every day is thinking of doing the apprentice or hydrostatic have the chance to witness a very NB WSWSWSS ID Forum adaiah, psychological definition of 15 year old called "rebellious period" general explanation is this: the child of this age if serious rebellion generally has two consequences: A is not to become a big shot, B future prison.

group buying is not a listed company in China

1. community users have great potential

NetEase technology Zhang Junhong reported

according to Analysys’s 2014 China life service O2O Market Research Report, the first half of 2014, China’s group buying market turnover reached 28 billion 770 million yuan, an increase of 102.5%. Third party organizations will buy data and O2O life service is directly equivalent to, in a sense is to buy identity.


said, Ali led the business on the Internet shopping are popular, so it plays a group purchase of good education and cultivate habits of users of the traditional service market under the line on the Internet channel, the first group purchase also on the local life service of the fast lane, a burst of rapid, thousands of war and so on are the best confirm the hot performance.

according to the National Bureau of statistics, at the end of 2013 Chinese urban population proportion of the total population rose to 53.73%, from the scope of the expansion of the community, a large number of users will be the first community O2O from the town of trigger, especially in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen a few big city, because of Internet development, will become the industry pacesetter outbreak.

Group buy ancestor Groupon investors have revealed a detail, "before the vote Groupon, personally call the business, ask you why you work with Groupon?". The merchant said that because Groupon’s sales were good, and then asked, "what’s the point?" Groupon asked the businessman, "what did you do in the Internet before?". The merchant asked what the Internet was. Was it in the computer?. So many businesses don’t understand what the Internet is, and they lack Internet tools to help them do business." Group buying has opened a new chapter in local life service networking.

1, "community O2O": poised for


doesn’t understand why cheating is called EMU. I don’t know if you still use this word. If you have a senior, I’ll explain it to my brother. Thank you, ~


opening too long! Get to the point,

According to the

that’s the way people are. When you’re interested in something or even obsessed with it, you may throw everything away to pursue him

China Internet Network Information Center CNNIC released the "China Internet development report" shows that as of June 2014, China users reached 632 million, of which, 527 million mobile phone users, the Internet penetration rate reached 46.9%. Internet users use 83.4% of their mobile devices, surpassing PC’s overall 80.9% for the first time.

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