The empty fox CEO again exposed the insider was godmother Wang Ya meters out of mercyMaximize shlf13

, the man who mentioned two times is really "Wang Zi mi".

December 7, 2016, hunting cloud network reported hair readme long letter empty founder Yu Xiaodan fox, denounced the investors in its ill during the fight for equity, within 20 days of being kicked out of the story of capital. A series of mistakes in the paper FuPan the empty fox 2 years made, such as blindly increasing the market, the introduction of the study is not comprehensive, busy executives of foreign financing, the process tells startups often appear in the market environment, the management team, the three party game with each other in the capital.

now let me explain what I specifically did when I was sick. Why did I decide to break up with her?. The events took place at the two day meeting.

, which mentioned Wang Ya want to carve up Yu Xiaodan’s family property, and take their 60 thousand pieces of things, in the case of 1 million 990 thousand of the company’s debt, regardless of the cost of social security cut off employees, selling the company and other insider. And at the end of his blog, he answered questions about events.

at that time, for me, it was possible to entrust only 5 founder employees and two meters. The 5 founders, >

was the same as in the announcement. Second days, the doctor in neurology told me there was a tumor in my brain and I needed a craniotomy. This situation means that I can not personally deal with the company’s affairs, whether shareholders, investors discuss or close the company, which program I need to find a client.

in the last year, familiar with my micro-blog or Wang Ya micro-blog people, already know the situation is: Wang Ya meters is my friend, often in micro-blog said that I should become a dry daughter.

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, this is my one-sided statement. I am responsible for stating what I see, hear and feel. With other people present, I would like to identify who, without witnesses, where my personal judgments are made, I also make clear.

or from fainting to the emergency day start, take me to the emergency is ex boyfriend @ what night, then ya meters and her friends to the emergency room to see me, I was very weak, it is this sick process only Ya meters see me again in the hospital. He later sent me pictures of my illness in my micro-blog account.

below is micro-blog full text:


January 4th news yesterday, empty fox CEO Yu Xiaodan after the readme was kicked out of capital, again through the micro-blog account "Oh girl Dan" issued "money", added another of the important reasons of losing company is the wrong people, and point out the previous announcement in two I did not write the name, behind this is another sad story". And this "sad story" brought along with the network of Yu Xiaodan’s "godmother" – Wang Ya meters. It is in this blog that Yu Xiaodan wrote his tear with Wang zi.

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