The best entrepreneurs in the nternet Era the oligarchs war, pick up the biscuitsEntrepreneurship m

"developing a product, testing is the implementation of technology and creativity, and landing; operating a product and the company of the attempt, the test is the integration of resources, commercial operation.". For this, every entrepreneur must have a clear awareness and mental preparation." Wang Xiaochuan says. And cooperation platform such as Tencent, entrepreneurs in the operation of the pressure will be relatively small, as long as it is to develop a good product can be user love, what other aspects of the Tencent open platform will help you solve. At present, the Tencent is trying to play the innovation mode of Tencent entrepreneurial base, will be transplanted to online support line, has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen, Hangzhou and other 20 core developers gathered to establish a business base, to provide one-stop service for the business entrepreneurs, developers do not need to worry about the cost of office high level of hardware, and so on. It can be said that Tencent’s active attempt in this respect is precisely for the entrepreneur to solve their not good operation question.

officially in the advent of the mobile Internet 2008-2012, BAT is the most rapid development of the big three times, then the form of the Internet is the three major areas of PC end of their fortune, sh419 search, Alibaba shopping payment, the Tencent’s social games, three parallel lines, almost all of the Internet’s most part of the money.

from Ma Ma a "fight the penguins back home", in a word, opened the prelude to the AT war. Alibaba CEO Lu Zhaoxi command exchange, the target directly at the Tencent mobile Internet tickets "WeChat"; followed by Tencent made the move, WeChat paid online, Alibaba has targeted Alipay wallet, WeChat to pay the full force of the line of Ali; take that, launch the game distribution platform, put forward the profits to developers, and the public to donate from the fund, so that the core business of the Tencent is under threat, prompting the Tencent to change the distribution rules of

AT: not exhaustive

Wang Xiaochuan was established Sogou team because the Sohu itself will transition to technology driven, so do the search product, so long as they can prove that they are strong, skilled, you can get support. "Entrepreneurs don’t naturally get the chance to work with big companies. In fact, how much value can you make and you can work with a big company.". For example, as a small company, you have the demand, but your own company’s value does not show up, so big companies may not pay attention to you. Then you’ll have to think about how much you can bring to others and match your needs reasonably. It will be more conducive to the smooth progress of your cooperation." Wang Xiaochuan thinks.

A few years ago,

during this period, in addition to the red cardinal leader of the 360 team and BAT can fight, there is no BAT against the forces. On the contrary, a lot of start-ups are coming up in related fields

Zong Ning an article, the Internet has long recognized the BAT three giants situation, completely overturned. Proposed BAT no longer, only AT Internet duopoly situation. Objectively speaking, although sh419’s lead has been reduced, but in a short period of time has not left the "first group" of the situation, so the giants or, but giants are further differentiation. The author is yesterday to discuss with your friends, the Internet for small and medium-sized enterprises, will be a good time to have a sufficient survival time, one on the ground to pick up the biscuits can eat a fat era.

strategic change with big bullying and small income to younger brother

this way, as an entrepreneur, you can in a fight with the oligarchs in the field, using the time difference, to a certain degree of expansion in other areas, temporarily do not need to worry about the drawbacks of giant plagiarism or bring down.

insights: operation is more difficult than development, requires a higher perspective

no matter in which field launched confrontation, we can see that AT is between different time to do different things, very few at the same time also launched a war in two areas. Because they know, if dispersed into simultaneously in several points, may consume greatly, and can not get the desired effect, but each time in a period of time to attack, can bring good effect to both sides.

two: relying on more successful entrepreneurial platform for

Mobile GamesThe

Chinese the new wave of Internet entrepreneurs, some technical background helm so Wang Xiaochuan, but the product made out only the first step, the company’s operation is still very difficult, both for the leaders of the requirements is not an order of magnitude.

large companies and large platforms is the same as in the current environment, and later

O2O field, Ali investment group, the Tencent to enter second shares of public comment; Chinese New Year red envelopes war, red Tencent WeChat turned out, Ali was "attack on Pearl Harbor"; 2014 battles, Didi taxi against fast taxi, you 10 yuan, 11 yuan, than you ever higher level of funds 1 billion yuan, fight.

The nature of

Tencent open 3rd anniversary · business mentor ten years ago, Wang Xiaochuan led the team launched Sogou search engine, and in the next ten years served at the helm with many giant a fierce battle, ten years for this once only 12 part-time employees as long as the Department has more than 2000 employees, the amount of users third of the Internet Co; ten years later, the Tencent strategic stake in Sogou, Wang Xiaochuan began a new journey, relying on the new pattern of the Internet, Sogou draw a broader territory. Tencent opening 3rd anniversary occasion, Sogou CEO, China Internet innovation and entrepreneurship contest mentor Wang Xiaochuan, to share a "Internet legend veterans" three entrepreneurial sentiment.

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