How do the 404 page optimization settings hold live user experience

shield site all invalid link. As you know, a site in operating for a long time, you may accidentally deleted or other reasons caused by the revision site appeared unable to access the site page, and then set a 404 page to the site can make inaccessible page into a valid page to guide the user to return to the site to browse other pages.


, a site in the 404 page is inevitable will appear, the user may enter the URL is wrong, or is their own webmaster deleted a page content and so on, since the reason can not be controlled, then we can do a good job in dealing with the aftermath, know how to use the 404 page for the site optimization and user experience service is the key. In general situation, the 404 page is regarded as the best weapon station handling invalid link. But often overlooked, also can bring to a website is very obvious to help make good use of the 404 page, at least can allow users to re return to the site to browse other pages. So how do we get the 404 page not only is the invalid links, let the user experience of

3, let users trust the site. Many webmaster have 404 page as invalid link processing tool only, in fact, I believe that when a user access to a can not open the page, if there is wrong with the browser page, the user does not have to return to the site of the idea, and if there is a 404 page friendly to guide users to return to other pages, so users in mind would assume that this site is also good, security and error handling is in place, so that the user also ran on the site have the feeling of trust.

4, allowing users to browse frequently in time to have a rest. Webmaster want every user to enter the site can access more pages, in fact, for users, browsing more if no time to digest it, it must be forgot, and when the user access to the invalid page, it will make a summary of their browsing behavior, when highly frequent in the middle of your site to point to have in mind how many things did not exist, it will produce a pressure mood, you will naturally have tired of feeling on the site, therefore, appropriate manufacturing 404 page allows users to browse frequently have time to rest, knowledge of yourself through digestion as a summary, the more impressive.

2, 404 pages can tell the search engine this page does not exist. When an article is search engine included, and I was collected in after he deleted, then you can set 404 page, let the spider crawling through the 404 pages before the feedback information has been included to delete or update page.

hold live?

set 404 page brought to the site1,

so how do the 404 page optimization settings hold user experience of

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