How do the QQ group marketing website construction

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1, QQ learned to bypass into marketing. Join the group of others, you need to keep others QQ group rules, some QQ for advertising hit very badly, which has its own management personnel, these people’s purpose is to restrict the workers to play hard advertising. Therefore, this requires us to establish their own QQ group or a management group inside, so that in the limit of a lot less. In the process of group member interaction, can be appropriate to talk about their love topic or marketing topics, can also set clear marketing group name card name. In the group interaction process, with the group of people more and more, it will gradually form a good marketing platform, and make use of induction, advertising or marketing to insert soft inside.

The establishment of

3, group name card and instructions, and keywords. A small part in the above "website construction" search results, click out first. See the QQ group, QQ group and title. Therefore, in the setting of QQ group keywords, the best main business in the title word above, so that the user in the search process, it is easy to match, as the word "construction site", easily, where you >

now many industries have established their own industry QQ group, especially the classification of Tencent for the QQ group for the industry, set up covering the game, film and television, leisure life, examination and other industries classification information service group. Because in the domestic QQ user base is very large, users looking for all services will be for QQ to search, to join in to find the group, can be said to use QQ service to find love compared to Shanghai, more precise and accurate, Shanghai natural search more easily than love. Since the QQ group has so many benefits, of course, do not let QQ Marketing Marketing personnel. However, how to make their own QQ marketing to meet their expectations, at the same time to help the construction site

, QQ group 2. Why is this? As mentioned above, if it is inside the QQ group members of the group are vulnerable to regulatory restrictions. However, there are no such restrictions on the establishment of QQ. However, the establishment of the QQ group will not casually set up a. We need to know their sectors, for example you are this kind of industry website construction, using QQ group search function the opportunity to find many of the same group, a small search "website construction", shown in figure, will find so many qq group. Is this you need according to their own business, see, and know what others love search. In order to establish their own QQ, do marketing in their QQ to the masses, simple and convenient to many.


is an excellent QQ marketing staff, they are good at using the resources to build a platform at the same time, this will not cause resentment of others. Therefore, the following small from several points of how to analyze the QQ group marketing.

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