Discussion on several common errors in the novice optimization

four, internal links

five, external links

novice website keyword, not natural, deliberately will be piled up in order to improve the website keyword density of key words, this approach is the black hat Shanghai dragon behavior, and ultimately escape the ban of search engine. So new friends in the arrangement of keywords do not accumulate, nature will keep the keyword density in about 2%~8% can.

we all know the importance of the chain, so the novice is a lot of to increase the chain, but not a steady increase from time to time, we often say a steady increase in optimizing the chain to quantitative timing, not today, not tomorrow. At the same time we released correlation site in the chain, so the quality of the chain is relatively high.


two, the website keyword

Keywords accumulation is easy to appear in the

this article from Wikipedia 贵族宝贝zzbaike贵族宝贝, reproduced please specify.

novice webmaster in website to describe it as easy to appear keyword accumulation phenomenon, so webmaster encyclopedia here to remind you the best description with a coherent statement to describe, can certainly bring the keyword that is the best, you can accumulate key words.

we all know the word Shanghai dragon, I believe that every webmaster are not strange to it. Every webmaster may every day in the busy to his site in Shanghai Longfeng, but in this process, many webmaster friends may also make some common mistakes, following on from Wikipedia (zzbaike) to introduce to you.

site title can not be ignored for website optimization, if the site in the title of the appropriate keyword, then the weights of the website promotion is beneficial and harmless. But the novice webmaster often in this often makes mistakes, it is constantly changing the title of the site, finally leading to the website is K, then realized his mistake too late. Adsense encyclopedia recommendations: early site planning well site title, line on the website after not easily change the website title.



, a website title

mainly refers to the anchor text site in the article, many novice in the update article, the anchor text of more than a dozen in the interior, this is excessive, usually only need to add three to five anchor text.


above are all about some common mistakes, hope new friends should pay more attention to the point, we want to own the station is like her own children and loved ones, more carefully, more carefully.

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