Analysis of the influence of search engine access to the website network

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independent blog site in Shanghai and Google are included within the normal, love Shanghai spider access cycle for 12 hours, the new articles included cycle in 12 hours. Love Shanghai included in site 28, Google site included number 135. Love the sea main keywords ranking fifth page first, site website in the first place. The website in Shanghai love statistics background show that in 2010 March a total of 4 time Shanghai love included were 19, 17, 21, 21. In 2011 March, the official website to stop, and cancel the binding domain, all your pages to return to the 404 error, analog network interruption, the situation off the site.


network interrupt within 6 days before the impact is weak. In this period, both love Shanghai, Google, site included only slightly decreased, decreased approximately 10%, the snapshot is not backward, spider visit for a little longer cycle. The first site check website still. Keywords ranking decreased slightly. The author believes that the 6 day of the search engine tolerance period ", as long as the timely recovery of the network line, will not affect the site is too large.

web search engine after interruption of the degree of punishment on the site to do, according to the time sequence is divided into four periods, weak effect, significant effect period, lasting impact period, abandon period.

network, is the webmaster has been most worried about, but unfortunately we almost every webmaster will encounter this kind of thing to worry about network interruption. There are many reasons why IDC manufacturers including as everyone knows, the reason of hackers, also has the policy management factors, the webmaster without me into the deep feeling. Therefore, we must prepare for it, grasp what impact on the network web site in the search engine’s permission, and strive to be punished, is right down the period of time, to restore access to websites, to minimize losses.

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I do have an independent blog site, in order to do this research, personally put your site stopped, the research experience and knowledge to give you a specific analysis.

website network outage seventh days into the period of significant influence. In this period, both love Shanghai or Google, the most significant effect is cancelled the website included, at the same time, the website domain name has been unable to query. Love Shanghai "sorry, did not find the URL, you can directly access the" prompt. Site examination, the content included every 2 days reduced by about 10%; the results include "domain name" "no change. This stage has entered the first stage of the search engine "punishment", keyword ranking has been canceled, imported from the search engine traffic is significantly reduced or no. However, as long as the rapid recovery of the network line, at about 1 months, can make the search engine reincluding.

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