Case analysis of long tail secret

navigation layout a long tail: Kunshan second-hand housing rental, Kunshan.

layout of the long tail

home page layout of the main key words: Kunshan real estate and real estate in Kunshan.


can I rent a specific reference to the arrangement of the home page. I will talk to you about how to improve the list page ranking.

two: Kunshan long tail layout area + + + + Kunshan second-hand housing, housing area.

, he set up two level directory, this structure will be more clearly. And after the exchange Links easy to change. But many can not be achieved because of technical reasons don’t. But many level key home many times is a list of pages, which will greatly increase the difficulty of optimization.

two can be combined because of long tail changes, such as the Kunshan area + area + + + Kunshan area of second-hand housing, the second-hand housing area. So a standard tail is actually a combination of the long tail.


to Kunshan showings network for example:

The last time I started a



operation of the Kunshan house network due to the early I am not in operation, so in the home key set above there are still some problems, of course, the main keyword can be selected according to the analysis of the index, such as local + real estate, local real estate + information. Because of the different search habits, so we must be more analysis, it can determine.


page layout with long tail: Kunshan + village area.

long tail: Kunshan second-hand housing rental in Kunshan

This page can be

because of the many towns, plus the residential lot, generally the combination below, at least not planning for less than 2000 of the number of long tail. For any optimization of the people, is the long tail of the huge number of.

in the choice of housing to add local conditions, can of course other long tail conditions, when clicking on this condition, title will automatically match, and URL will change. For example, conditions for local, price, then choose the two conditions when the title should be for local housing prices (> +

two long tail: Kunshan + area + + + Kunshan second-hand housing, housing area (such as Kunshan, Kunshan, Zhang Pu housing) + cell

1, the long tail of choice:

A5 article "how to create a successful real estate website", by the majority of owners welcome, many webmaster to e-mail consultation details. Today I pick users are most concerned about how to build a long tail, in my operation of the Kunshan house network as an example, in order to combat the form should tell you how to do the long tail keywords. Although the last time also briefly talked about, but it will be resolved from a more comprehensive view of the long tail of the secret.

main keywords: Kunshan real estate network Kunshan real estate

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