Enterprise how to choose the Shanghai dragon talent quality

for Shanghai Dragon technology, in fact, knowledgeable people know: not only veteran Shanghai dragon master. Shanghai dragon like a soldier, although as many know the theory and skill, but a veteran in battle down veterans and recruits is not the same, why? Because rely on the experience, rely on the practice. In Shanghai dragon circles inside a lot of theory to practice it is no use, it is the right time theory used in some of the site may be wrong, a lot of wrong theory in a lot of time together with the effect is also good, such as the collection of articles, many people say that the acquisition is not good, but I do not collect really practical! Creating a website collecting thousands of traffic, and has been very stable for more than 2 years. Therefore we should judge from their experience and experience, rather than his theoretical knowledge of how rich! Theory are nonsense, only a veteran in battle veterans is a real warrior.

said again, again, again good, also as a nerve Baizhan, rolled out from the site of combat.

standard: Shanghai dragon master not only veteran,


standard two: do not look at the case, to look at the field of problem solving

in the face of this industry, many bosses said: it is simple, I see him before the site does not have the case, then I ask you, are you sure these sites is that he do it? If it is a stopgap, you try him half a year worth? I tell you a method is the scene to solve that is very simple, you give him some web site issues and measures on the line! Or give him your enterprise station, let him ask some questions or give you the scene promotion optimization scheme for a future, and don’t listen to him.

Shanghai, as an emerging industry, has its own characteristics, that is: no technical evaluation standards, and Shanghai dragon takes three months to half a year time to take effect. We had to give the majority of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, especially the medical industry has not a small problem: I try out half don’t everyone?

I have visited many of the medical enterprise, their bosses are very worried, with the quick development of the Internet, many in the medical industry have seen the Internet market, but a real problem is placed in the front! That is how to occupy the network field. For now there are only two ways, then you do the bidding, or the Shanghai dragon. But when see auction expensive, hang back. So many bosses have chosen Shanghai dragon, but where? In the face of Shanghai dragon uneven in quality of the talent market. How should we choose, plus I heard Shanghai dragon three months or even six months to be effective, we how to assess whether we choose the right person? I speak several methods here, although we can not ensure that 100 percent of the cleaning every one of the job seekers, but at least let the fish in shallow water Department surfaced.


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