The real Shanghai dragon age what we should do

this way seems simple, but many webmaster friends do not know, and now most of the webmaster friends has completely lost in Shanghai in Phoenix, just trying to do rankings, desperately to do outside the chain, trying to think how to write the original article, the Internet every day is in love with sea to check their website ranking then, you discharge in the first and second sites, the fantasy that one day I can come to the front row, but forget to do their own search engine optimization goal.

K began to love Shanghai, love the sea no laws of K station, large numbers of customers, Taobao medical stations are K, a lot of occupation of Shanghai Longfeng Er have lost their jobs, and some even give up Shanghai Longfeng get disheartened, and even give up a network station. Here, I appeal to the grassroots webmaster, be calm, don’t lose confidence, we still need the Internet webmaster

From June 28th

today, since love Shanghai suck, moving relentlessly K station, then as a webmaster, through the search engine optimization to get traffic has not worked, or takes longer time. That we are not trying to change the idea, because Shanghai dragon is only rarely part of the network marketing, when we can’t get traffic through the search engine optimization, we should consider the use of other ways to make our website to get traffic, and the traffic into income? So webmaster friends, not confined to Shanghai the dragon, should consider other ways. Here is one of my friends is the case, he did not understand the guest of Taobao, Shanghai dragon, his Taobao guest website without any ranking in each month fell in love with the sea, but they earn more than 10000 yuan, he told me he had used a promotion method, is to use the star effect for Taobao customers marketing, we know that many stars will have QQ, and visited these stars QQ space is very large, like the QQ space every day Sheenah visits are thousands of IP, which is a big fan of Sheenah, if these people can take the initiative to sell Sheenah and related products, so the turnover rate is very high. So he adopted the tools (the network should have the tools, here not elaborate) extraction space visitors QQ, then by email to write sales letters to these people, the main products are searching for some goods, Sheenah out on Taobao, just like that, every day she can sell sold about 20 single, average can be obtained 10 yuan Commission Taobao customers.

well, today the share is here, of course, the above case may now use is not very good, but this idea we can learn, but also hope to do the webmaster friends to clarify ideas, do not pay attention to Shanghai dragon too, don’t spend too much energy on it. Waste your youth, don’t get disheartened, or we need internet webmaster. 贵族宝贝zuoam贵族宝贝 (Pucheng osmanthus net), this is my new website, love the sea. "


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