The search engine included webmaster forum Shanghai dragon refused to decide on what path to follow

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webmaster tools Shanghai Longfeng integrated query, this forum every day.

push forum in December 20, 2011 12 point zero

High weight forum

several times since December this year, Shanghai love are very brittle, found that many sites ranking sharply and change the chain crazy drop, my site "network marketing front" the chain crazy lost more than 1000, but not the proportion of the chain webmaster forum accounted for so the ranking has not changed, the thought that is love Shanghai is included in the page to delete some repeat. Today, a careful analysis of the chain website, found missing from the 28 push forum and push the forum outside the chain. Usually empty, nothing to push a push 28 forum and the forum under the posts, now find the two period of time are not the webmaster forum indexed by search engines. Has been active site with robots.txt protocol to prevent search engine included, little formal website search engine is not included active shielding, and because of the search engine to want to violate the mission. Before 28 to push a push forum and forum posting a chain in minutes, general inquiries to the collection of information, now I go to the above forum for popular posts, also not included. In order to prove true with the webmaster tools Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive check the amount included in the query.


We use Update now The

is currently Shanghai Longfeng practitioners although many, but most of the optimization tricks are "pseudo original webmaster forum for the emperor, the chain is king,

28 forum time in December 20, 2011 of 12 0

forum outside the chain is king

is the pseudo original or a combination of the articles, then add a keyword and site related articles in the article link

can now send the chain and the description text is not much, a small part of the webmaster chain resources from his blog, most of the webmaster forum, many Internet companies have specifically to the webmaster forums outside the chain of the commissioner. The chain and text most of the site are derived from the webmaster forum.

webmaster tools Shanghai Longfeng integrated query, a period of time before the anniversary was held every day, known as the post content of more than 25000 of the 28 push forum included:

now has become the Shanghai dragon to an industry, Shanghai Longfeng optimization practitioners at least 10000 or more, to enter the Shanghai dragon enterprise and engaged in Shanghai Longfeng personnel are mad by geometric optimization are in at present, feel Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranking road gets narrower, if only the search engine keyword the limited and unlimited gold position, do want to enter the enterprise marketing contradiction in Shanghai Longfeng, although the Shanghai dragon competition, but the meal is no problem. If love is Shanghai began to refuse included webmaster forum, the Shanghai dragon crisis really arrived.

pseudo original for the emperor

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