Website optimization positioning strategy and strategy on key words

is a web site keywords from start layout to obtain the final search engine stable keywords ranking requires a cycle of the length of time depends not only on the keywords degree of difficulty, also depends on the ability of the team responsible for optimizing the level of. Therefore enterprise decision makers to enterprise website operation team level in the layout of key words have a clear judgment. If the site optimization team personnel is a beginner, may wish to easily optimize the word, such as the long tail keywords realize enterprise short-term strategy optimization ranking ability; if your team integrate cyber source strong enough tenacity, might as well put the hot short tail word as a long-term strategic objective to locate.

we all know, search engine keyword represents to potential consumer demand, keywords index of hot and cold, represents the amount of population search. But not that popular keywords are not important, a sense of popular keywords to bring customers a higher degree of quality. But if the enterprise website optimization just around the popular word to do Resources Bureau, this position of the lack of rationality, and if a website is just around the popular words is not enough scientific positioning, such.

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website optimization is the key part of the key location selection, usually have rich experience in website optimization, website keywords to locate accurate, but some beginners often repeated many times, can accurate positioning. For a company website optimization, if only to choose popular keywords or just choose popular keywords are not reasonable. This should be on the operation of enterprises, competitive advantage in the market and the company’s website to optimize the operation team to consider. This is a paper about the network marketing strategy and strategic positioning of keywords website optimization.

so in the strategic layout of enterprise website optimization keywords, how to achieve more accurate positioning, scientific and rational

of the network marketing outsourcing consultants believe that when a >


is not popular keywords or popular keywords or keywords in website localization, enterprises must first evaluate those potential consumers truly and the key words behind their business product service docking, the so-called keywords precise positioning. Do not define some morphemes and enterprise products unrelated, because it would waste the resources of enterprise network marketing. We also believe that enterprises should consider their own industry in the competition opponents in the situation, for those who reflect their own core competitiveness, the key must be put in the first optimization, while those less competitive keywords should be put in the secondary position.

usually "strategies" is adopted in order to realize something of the current means of process behavior is relatively short; and "strategy" is a long-term planning for the future goal of the general process of long period. At present, most companies use the website optimization as a way of network marketing the most widely, has the marketing effect, investment cost and the operation characteristics of controllable.


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