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in addition, we will find that every update the search engine algorithm are user centric, such as the love of Shanghai in June and 6.22 in the 6.28 event, there are many webmaster site affected love Shanghai algorithm this update, this is dissatisfied. However, in Shanghai given the subsequent official response, in fact, we can see the importance of UEO. Xiao Bian also think this is a hitherto unknown search engine adjustment, to tell the Webmaster: users above all in the website content quality guide. Love love Shanghai Shanghai said in order to enhance the user search experience, for the healthy development of the Internet Ecosystem, so the low quality site in search results show the more control the situation, and pointed out that no original live acquisition generated content website, is the focus of its removal. It is well understood: webmaster will understand this update to improve the user experience.

UEO is English user experience Optimization acronym, translated into Chinese means: user experience optimization, is standing in the user’s point of view, reasonable to optimize the operation, improve the site function, such as visual elements for the website to make it more in line with the user’s browsing or operation. We have always stressed the need to do user experience, but always will optimize this optimization and Shanghai dragon angle together, but now the industry will be the concept as a separate independent, this is represent the general trend. We do website owners in Shanghai Longfeng, under normal circumstances is the search engine as the key, the user experience may be placed in a secondary position, the result is the webmaster feel very friendly to all aspects of web search engine, but did not get a good ranking or search algorithm is updated, it is your own website a certain influence, the reason is the search engine’s eyes, it is the goal of the user, the website user experience is not good, it will think of users of these sites is of little value or no value.

website optimization development trend and is the most popular show update frequency and status of the Internet, every day on the Internet there are a lot of information tell us the webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er, need to learn new knowledge, out of what we do in Shanghai dragon may be in when you are not the day. Although the user experience is the circle of friends that complicated, but there has been no dragon and Shanghai isolate, and now the UEO concept, but that the user experience more and more much attention, whether it is the user, search engine, or industry colleagues. Today the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) and novice Shanghai dragon Er, UEO has attracted more and more attention.

so we webmaster later in the website optimization.

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