Shanghai dragon skills a reasonable solution to the top-level domain name and domain name www

CacheClockRate 3600

The second is not the analytical method of #


1. a new station site redirection, pay attention to permanent redirect to the resources here. The new station (a site with system resources occupation and the site is generally not open slow cache. The proposed third methods)


2. supports.Htaccess users can add code to achieve

RepeatLimit 32


# ISAPI_Rewrite version 1.3 (302 status code)


RewriteCond Host: ^***.cn$

without www domain name, but it is not conducive to the user experience and the waste of the top-level domain name weight. People think the best way is to use the 301 without www domain jump to the domain name with WWW, this advantage has three points, one can open the website, to prevent the two love Shanghai included not take www domain name website article caused by repeated, three effective use of top-level domain name weight.

often encountered **贵族宝贝 ranking went to www.**贵族宝贝 in front of our usual Shanghai dragon, in fact, the harm is very serious, some owners will use the absolute path, namely the page of the address are 贵族宝贝**贵族宝贝 like this to let love Shanghai resolved the main domain name, Google through choosing the default domain name to achieve the main domain name ranking. Google said in the webmaster tools can be achieved. But love Shanghai often encounter problems of domain name or the machine test is not convenient to replace.

RewriteRule (. *): //s.***.cn$1 [I, R]

RewriteCond%{http_host} ^ [NC]

ISAPI_Rew> #

^ RewriteRule (. *) $贵族宝贝***.cn/$1 [L, R=301]


point said about 301 of the practice.

URL canonicalization

# = 1 hour


3. IIS 301 redirect host users can use ISAPI Rewrite to achieve the domain name

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