Novice how to write high quality articles

update for site content, original content is important. We update the content on the site is nothing more than to users and spiders, and the spiders, original content is the content of the spider love, of course you must have the original content and correlation between sentence and the theme of the website, so you can meet the requirements of our spider, but the site not only to meet the spider request, but to have more users, and to meet the needs of users, the original content is the foundation, the first original content on behalf of your own website and user respect, then, if your site is reproduced or copied to the content, why should the user, the user directly to the origin of the article to see that would not be able to see more content? This website value you will find information from meet users into the same industry website promotional role. So, we update the content for the website, must be original, if you don’t respect their own website, the user what respect your website.

optimization pro, in fact, is not difficult to optimize, not difficult. When we use the Shanghai dragon to optimize the site most are like me full of hope, but that hope often turned into disappointment. When I was in contact with the industry, so that the Shanghai dragon is very simple, is to write articles published outside the chain. So I can use this method to do a few months down does not see the result, website optimization step by step, continue to increase endurance, don’t be anxious!


for a web site, the article is very important, good article and write not once, but need more practice, every day to see the wonderful contents when collected, so we need to write some appropriate modifications will become a very good article.


optimization pro, you still can not write high quality articles and trouble? Are you still your original and brains? In fact, every novice have such experience. But the optimization pro don’t be afraid, then I’ll tell you about some of my experiences in writing.


can be said that in recent years the love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated, enterprise or individual station or if your website in the content of the product that only you will never get your website ranking, because love Shanghai focusing on the user experience, so you want to get better ranking will certainly have focus on user experience. For the love of Shanghai, he is in need of users to buy the product in the Internet market users or users to find information? Is to find information of the user, so if your site is only your product information and can not meet the needs of users to find information, then your website forever don’t get ranking. Many of the well-known master love with personal independence blog to build from the media, for this blog website is the need for high quality content, therefore, whether we do any industry in the Internet market, we have to have the ability to write the article, then, how to write high quality articles

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