The search engine how to determine the user experience of the website

now many sites in some content page will install share button, if the user love website this page, users are likely to share their own QQ space, Sina micro-blog, website content is shared, the more exposure rate is high, indicating that the user more love this website, search engines will think that users love this website.

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statistical tools, can jump out rate is very clear to understand the user visits the site and the average length of visit, jump out rate is high, the access time is shorter, indicating that the user is not love your website, good website users will access the long time, the search engine that the faster the users out of. This website user experience is not good, will give you the site points.

don’t know some webmaster will like me curious search engine is how to determine the user experience of the website, the content is king, the user experience for the emperor’s search engine how to know the user experience of the website, search engine is the machine, not people, could not feel the user experience, how to judge? The author analyzes, summarizes some search engine judgment, here is my personal point of view.

can learn to love Shanghai statistics web site user loyalty, old user retention rate is high, indicating the site more excellent, more users love; some people will be curious, love is not installed in Shanghai site statistics code, love Shanghai search engine how to understand website information? The search engines can be judged according to the user, IP ID.

bounce rate and average length of visit

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customer loyalty


how old a website does not open, users often do not visit this website, this website user experience how can good? Or a website hyperlink, into a lot of error page, users can enter through the website you want to enter the page, I do not say, we all know that the consequences.

The use of

website comments, the top on the function of the site, these functions can give users a good experience, and the search engine can also through these functions, user feedback, to give a certain score website.

users want to get some information on the website, click to many pages, web content is deep, users can quickly enter the website, search engines will deduct points in this area, not more than 5 levels of general website, not only the user access trouble, crawler is also very difficult to grab this page.

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site can visit

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