WeChat and micro-blog who is the marketing personnel of Shanghai dragon eyes xiangbobo

looked at recently you wrote the article, feel WeChat mentioned probability significantly more than ever, and the focus of everyone’s attention is relatively concentrated, mainly WeChat 300 million users and corresponding marketing channels. Yes, from January 2011 launch date, WeChat’s growth really surprised me, the number of users of WeChat in 2 years has been close to 400 million, while behind the huge traffic must be based on a series of activities, such as marketing, business development.

and WeChat to the corresponding micro-blog, the situation may not be so ideal, social media is still the most fiery, micro-blog brings pleasure not only to give us life, gave us the Shanghai dragon or the marketing staff to help bring, think micro-blog marketing we can bring to a website more the flow and stability of the website ranking, but also because micro-blog marketing we let more friends know our website, and foster the growth of the brand. But Sina micro-blog user data show that in 2012, although it has 424 million users, but the user’s level of activity continues to decline, while the micro-blog platform is also increasingly being obscured by advertising. So micro-blog can spread on the decline in the industry.

said WeChat is now more fire, Tencent start positioning is its mobile phone chat tools, although many people love it than unfamiliar street, but there is no strategy in WeChat all along to care too much about LBS dating, but based on the spread of friends. The reason why there are more marketers love WeChat, because WeChat is one hundred percent "in the message arrival rate, compared to the micro-blog bulletin board, obviously WeChat advantage in the use of the information, but also for WeChat is the largest mobile phone users (though a web version, but most still use WeChat mobile phone, mobile landing) the Internet strong incoming, WeChat’s advantage will be more highlighted, because the number of mobile phone users has more than PC users, and communicate information to sales and marketing is far better than the PC side, so there is a small and medium enterprises to give WeChat a free mobile Internet platform.

but I want to say is that WeChat does have its own advantages, in.

compared to the two, I love micro-blog, although WeChat said the fast growth, and will be more than micro-blog in 2013 (not likely), but WeChat and micro-blog in the information transmission properties are different, at the same time, although micro-blog and WeChat have similarities in the feature set, but the two never in marketing the means of conflict, can be used as the Shanghai dragon or is a powerful tool for marketers.

and marketing staff regard WeChat for another reason, that is the fancy WeChat information to survive, because the source of micro-blog information can be very complicated mess, but PC or mobile phone, SMS, but WeChat users are basically based on mobile phone platform, and everyone is using mobile phone a long time a computer or a long answer? Obviously, so WeChat will become possible.

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