Big secret Shanghai mobile website optimization which Longfeng you do not know the password!

2, how to get a better ranking in mobile search,


in today’s mobile search traffic has already exceeded the PC side flow, many enterprises are building their mobile site, want to get traffic from mobile search, so how to build a mobile station to mobile station in Shanghai Longfeng optimization? Mobile site optimization and TDK layout is like the layout of the PC site? When the same site is PC site and mobile site more mobile sites included and flow to the PC site is not it should be blocked? Mobile site and PC site TDK optimization will not be exactly the same punishment? And similar doubt Yang Zi will share one below.

the three is simply the collection, sorting, display. Here we start from included:

so in the last two years since everyone will look at the mobile Internet, many Internet companies want to occupy a space for one person in the mobile terminal, thus formed a mobile APP, WeChat public number and mobile website construction boom, of course this vast transformation must be the three major domestic Internet giant BAT bear the brunt. BAT in the capital, talent and resources under the leadership of the layout of the mobile terminal quickly, of course when competing in each site and ultimately their gun infighting, this is the most significant number AT. This is not discussed with Yang Zi, we have a chance again to discuss. Today Yang Zi to share with you is about mobile site optimization of Shanghai Longfeng things.

1, how to make love Shanghai mobile search website in content.

: machine readable


search engine as the site of the ordinary visitors, to crawl, which stood on the site, the page value judgment and ranking, is starting from the user experience. Therefore, in principle, any website on the user experience is improved, improvement of search engine. But because of the limitation of the current overall network environment and technical reasons, the implementation of the specific means of user experience is the need to consider the search engine friendly, to meet under the premise that the user experience will make the search engine more easy to understand treatment.


mobile site and PC crawler is the same, with a Haitong called Baiduspider2.0 history >

with the rapid development of Internet technology, intelligent mobile phone users like Hurricane growth according to relevant statistics, in 2015 the Ministry issued a China mobile phone users has reached 1 billion 290 million, PC Internet era has gradually shifted to the new era of mobile Internet, this is the inevitable result of social development.

3, how to let users from a number of search results to quickly find and click on your website.

for mobile search engine website construction, mainly divided into three parts:

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