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selection mainly from the word brand, industry, the subject of long tail keywords, then Dongguan Pu managed Xiaobian introduce relevant content, subject and industry brand word long tail keywords for everyone.

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brand word is the product nameplate (category) for the identification of the product (category) or service identification, image etc.. It is through a series of brand marketing and promotion activities, the formation of an image in the minds of customers cognition, thus making their products and competitors’ products to distinguish. This is also the role of brand keywords. A word brand promotion optimization directly affects the success of the overall performance of the website and the users in the image. Imagine a brand or no brand range of enterprises, there are a few people will visit? (2) industry



often have friends ask me how to make their own product keywords ranking, how to walk with the same, do love Shanghai home? How can we optimize the keywords, to achieve the desired effect, today, Dongguan Pu Xiao Bian managed to do a simple introduction for everybody: 1, the laying of

also known as key words word laying scheme. Simple speaking is the target keywords into the section of the web site to the content of the web site in. Here is a classic theory, is the so-called "around a word". Around the word, in simple terms, is the key to a web page layout, page ER in Shanghai Longfeng mainly laid from the four aspects of key words. Respectively: title, keywords and description, the content of keywords to describe the title (at the bottom of the head and body), anchor text (navigation).

industry subject, we can search through the related subject of the industry to find a competitor, and then through the collection of industry competitors subject. A competitor analysis can refer to how to study the competitor’s website article. (2) the long tail keywords

is a non target site of long tail keywords keywords, but it can give web search traffic keywords. Long tail keywords often longer, like the phrase, sometimes is also a sentence. Long tail keywords mainly exists in the content page, not only the existence of title, there are content. There are a large number of long tail keywords in some large and medium-sized website, long tail keywords to a website can bring a lot of traffic. I believe the long tail keywords to the webmaster is a commonplace talk of an old scholar it! However, we cannot ignore the importance of long tail keywords. Collect the site of the long tail keywords, long tail keywords development strategy is a fundamental to the survival of the site.

Shanghai dragon friends all know, the first step is to choose the website optimization keywords, and it is also the site of the optimization process is the most important step.

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