Shanghai Longfeng optimization almost inaccessible HTS algorithm can link a helping hand

is the HITS algorithm, because the search engine needs to find the user search requests and query matching degree associated with the highest in the world, with page to grab a collection of Web documents, and the related matching degree is the highest number of high quality "Authority" and "Hub" page, page station the quality of original factors rather than we often understand. Especially some authoritative pages, search.

in the HITS link analysis algorithm, the two point is the most Hub pages and Authority pages.

Hub page (hub page) it is usually the page itself contains a lot of high quality Authority page links, such as the 360 site navigation home page is a very good Hub page (hub page). Because in the 360 site navigation site page aggregation authority site different types of many collections, such as news gathered Sina, Tencent and other authoritative sites. Video plate gathered video Sohu, Youku Video Site authority. This point and we often publish some classified catalogue site outside the chain is similar (so why website directory outside the chain also has certain effect, it is because the search engine itself has its own unique algorithm will influence your ranking).

first, let’s take a look at what is the HITS algorithm, including his formula and algorithm principle and the advantages and disadvantages of him. After understanding the meaning, then we use some specific experiments to verify the effectiveness and applicability of HITS.

, what is the Authority page (authority pages)

HITS (Hyperlink Induced Topic Search) link analysis algorithm was born in 1997, the algorithm is proposed by a doctor in Cornell University, and the algorithm for the global number of along the search engine. Of course, different search engines for the algorithm focus and internal formula has a structure adjustment algorithm, and analysis the HITS algorithm is one of the most basic link in the algorithm.

simple Authority page (authoritative pages) refers to the high quality "in a certain field or a range of related topics. For example, the recruitment field, 51job website homepage is the field of a high quality ". For example, Taobao home page is the electricity supplier in the field of quality ".

three, HITS algorithm

for the overall domestic search engine, search engines love Shanghai as a domestic leader, I will take HITS public documents for the love Shanghai search engine multi angle and depth analysis experiment to practical application of HITS in Shanghai in phoenix.

two, what is the Hub page (hub page)

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