Talk about love of Shanghai to punish site causes and Solutions

3) webmaster optimization excessive, not piled too much words, is a short period of time to increase the chain too much


some of the website optimization Shanghai Dragon don’t know it is love Fletcher webmaster website keywords, the keywords on the site that as long as the heap more, so the number of sites found in the search engine more and more, in fact this idea is not correct, because the number of keywords for each search engine on the web is limited and if you exceed this limit, so that a search engine will think you’re cheating, and whether your site do how good, how to write the content in the original are inevitably punished

solution: if the reason website is love Shanghai punish is the recently revised many times website, so the only solution to the normal update site, to ensure its stability or not, in minor changes to the site, as long as you ensure that your site is "stable", then after one or two weeks of love Shanghai week, your site will return to normal

station! visitors!

how to influence the development of the host space website there is no better, and be able to retain visitors, so we webmaster whether for the user or the major search engines, they must ensure the quality of space of the host, but can not make the site often isn’t open, or visit the like particularly slow phenomenon

4) content on acquisition or reproduced the original degree of quality is not high so it is located in the sea in

since the recent love Shanghai adjusted algorithm and its rules, seem to dump the crackdown more and more, regardless of the content before repeating how high, as long as you are reproduced or collected.


solution: if the site is because Fletcher is love Shanghai keywords punishment, so the first thing to do is to reduce the webmaster site keywords, try to meet the number of major search engines limited; if the site was punished for a short-term increase in the chain is too much, so webmaster should be under the control of the chain "the number of", every day is the best plan should be how much the chain is appropriate to

!The quality of


2) web site space is not stable, not slow access is not open

just launched a new station basically is not what weight, and in this period we must ensure that the webmaster website "stable", can not let the site without any problems, such as checking website changed it many times in a short time, love Shanghai will be on your site to make some general performance of punishment. Is down right or not, the updates are not included, if there are serious may be falling into the sandbox Hella

! !

solution: if your site is because the space relationship is love Shanghai punishment, so I suggest the webmaster to replace the best high quality space, and the sooner the better replacement of a search engine with

1) new love Shanghai "review period" was repeatedly revised

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