On the Links of the two main points the correlation can not be ignored

in the link, although Links accounted for most of the requirements, but the other is also the source of the chain we should ensure that the correlation between the presence of a URL, a love URL, URL, seems to exist where love Shanghai can be retrieved, but one source of correlation is also included there is a web site source, we often say the anchor text, these two points will usually pass some of what we say and most correlation, correlation is the deciding factor of the website rankings, when the site of factors including correlation will take over, so this is what we often use the forum with signature of the reason, at least the anchor text can transfer a great correlation, correlation and the correlation can be said and title in each other The fusion, the relationship between these 2 aspects with each other only can greatly improve se understanding of the site level, while in A5, A5 article, there is a widespread existence, also is the link of the extensive degree, that is to say, it needs a kind of proportion, if can what will your site ah on the relevant page, then the proportion is about 80%, it is also a promotion. In fact, the correlation between guarantee and universality, is very important, we often need to maintain the reason.

believes that some find Links method, for example, we often call the QQ group, is the most common PR included how much, how many, how many snapshots and so on, we, for the understanding of things, these are Links must request, but if you need to find the appropriate links is really not easy to find, so in inside the group often is to ignore the correlation, because for a Links really is not easy, one day a change sometimes is a kind of luck, but the exchange links are to ensure that no matter what the correlation, not in other primary condition, and to correlate the relevant conditions.

here, the correlation is the first condition, the author means that a web site Links, correlation accounted for at least 80%, we must ensure that the vast majority are in the basic related and their site theme, which is related to the most degree.

is the time to write a Links: one of the points in the page can not be ignored, so today and then write second, we often refer to the correlation that is Links, what is the relationship between the correlation, is your home selling apple, red apple to sell his house, in addition to sell a green apple, is a completely apple family, do you have this in common matters, this is correlation.

Association of

correlation, so how to choose between? Here I said your own point of view. As recently the college entrance examination, a decision where the exam, college entrance examination, and examination, examination and learning, learning activities and related activities, and the notebook, pens, pen and pen manufacturing company, the company can involve to assorted. Then the college entrance examination and the assorted about how to choose? "

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