Let love Shanghai update everyday snapshots seconds to publish content actually so simple

here to analyze what kind of website love Shanghai love the second, we often see in the website optimization, such as why Chinaz, Shanghai dragon forum, A5 released the contents of the second we can. For example, classified information website, such as Tianya, West temple. Large portal, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, etc. These are the second, seem to love Shanghai spiders live here do not. Why? We think carefully, find the reason you can do this, 24 hours to keep the spider.

site structure clear and suitable for grab love Shanghai, the station is also a network of internal links included in the page for the spider. In the publication time do have the link station where necessary plus links to the page or column page, but >

1, a large number of valuable original content

properly reproduced, when your website weight is relatively high, love Shanghai often come to your station, also it is necessary to reprint. Personal webmaster all the energy is limited, such as a busy day, no time to write original, occasionally a few articles can be reproduced. The best time is reproduced, reproduced just out of the content, do not reprint a year ago, there is no meaning. When you stand weight is relatively low, the snapshot is not stable, I do not propose to reprint, after all of the love Shanghai impression reproduced well, try to love Shanghai spiders to your station, are reproduced content, the content spider that I have, I can come to repair, so after to a little, don’t waste precious time.

, a website optimization Website Optimization


according to the actual experience of the author mainly do the following aspects, we can achieve this effect.

website snapshot update slow, new website published content included is always slow Shanghai dragon r often talk about the topic. I also encountered such a situation, whether you update much content, whether the content is original, 100 is not included, the snapshot is not updated, so I was very anxious, today to share with you how to make love Shanghai updated daily snapshot, add the seconds. In fact, if your website optimization properly, both high and low weight can reach the highest realm.

answer the previous question, a large forum station, large information station, large portal station why can the seconds, is very high quality content, content quantity. So you want to add a lot of original content, we all know that search engines love something different, something new is his love of things, he love, of course, often come to your station. Of course, the greater the amount of information. Love Shanghai spider is not full, he eat more and more happy, so the amount of information to. The advantages of large web sites is a large amount of information, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of amount of information every day, there are a lot of information.

The new

2, a reasonable structure of the site and the site link network

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