The site is not included because of the case

From the


In fact,

points: the website structure is not good, cause not included

said the website structure is not good, does not affect the engine included the home page, it seems that this is a bit incredible, in what, also not included. From this point, I exclude this reason immediately.

first, that is, I’m a Shanghai Longfeng novice, general can handle the problems, but because of space issues, the first time not included in the website, or the first time encounter, encounter this kind of problem, I think of a Shanghai Longfeng novice, the search process is relatively hard and blind.

The case analysis of

first site article is basically a copy and paste, of course, also do the pseudo original, then simply write the original article. But the result is disappointing or not included, decisively out of this reason.

two points: the site outside the chain is not good, cause not included.



when I think of this problem, I have covered made a few good outside the chain, and the chain included better, according to the case should not affect the home page, so as to rule out the reason.

I think that this is the last step, I went to the major search engines to submit url, or not included, depressed. When I was clueless, downhearted, I want to point Links, went to the Sun Wukong engine submission site, the results suggest that scary, as follows:

case: new sites, domain name is the purchase of almost a year, never used. From the beginning of November 27, 2013 to do the optimization, even half page are not included (Note: see included snapshot are at the beginning of November), at the same time the line of the railway station, the next day it included the home page, and get the results from the 09 December 2013 to find the reasons.


process is as follows:

server space banned search engine crawling in the included, replacement of space, will restore included.


website three points: the quality is not high, resulting in not included.

prompt, I began to feel the space problem, I was in the webmaster tools query collection, other website space inside the site seemed to be shocked, K, snapshot back a lot, included a small number, some domain name is for several years, spared, above:

Results: the case of

four points: site is not submitted to the engine, resulting in not included.



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