Shanghai Longfeng optimization principle from 12306 train tickets

, a principle that the user needs to search

in just over a month, related keywords in the search engine ranking has become the first, and the principle of knowledge is worth learning and learning.

1, we love Shanghai or GG inside the input "online" or "online booking" "online booking train ticket booking and other related words, in the drop-down list will be inside this period of time as can be imagined, the majority of people search the Internet" online "or" online booking "are directed to the online book the train ticket it is also very important, so, so when we do when the site layout keywords must pay attention to the correlation degree, if your site is the exercise to lose weight, then you in the layout of the site keywords or Title Description and articles related to the time, must appear to lose weight, lose weight for weight loss is the key to write, hot words. If you do, keyword appears in the drop-down list, it will be better, others may directly search combination, and that your relationship was again more One step closer.

2, online ticket buyers (train) in Shanghai after the love or Google inside input online booking, will certainly find them to find the train ticket booking website, which is, in the last few months, this website is not so easy to find, we like the Internet management China Ministry of filing we need the same website, through a number of channels, or other sites outside the chain, or is turned over several pages to find, but ultimately stay in, that is to say, enter the online book the train ticket or tickets online these keywords, eventually found themselves in the content you want, the whole process that the search engine with the weight of is completed, the train ticket booking the relevant keywords official website and search key The ranking will be more in front, of course, in addition to real visitors reported, there is some authoritative website the chain, also.

the two day in the network, the Internet users are in a quasi site of concern, I am afraid that we railway ticketing system, train ticket website, from the spring festival began in January 8th, up to now, just a few days time, this site has become the site of the most busy global system, according to media reports in January 9th,’s breakthrough hits a day 1 billion 400 million, this is what many webmaster do not dare not to think and flow ah, even to the same industry many e-commerce sites to shame, without publicity, no need to ask people to do Shanghai dragon, without advertising, in just one month. Beyond Taobao, Amason, Dangdang, but in this world no company can be compared, it is a joke, but from our Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon website optimization perspective To consider, there are still some things for us to understand.

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