Shanghai Longfeng experience a lot of the time we just one step away from success

if at the time of ranking has not come up when I was downhearted no stick to it, and do it maybe the keywords adjust what role does now will not come, perhaps I was if not set himself on the site title change, perhaps……

the numerous perhaps only one outcome, that is probably the name with the keywords I blog forever no echo, and I will be in front of me a few months to pay the full cast to waste so many times! We are only one step away from success, as long as we persist even a little bit or try a little bit, it is likely that we will succeed……



I would say, the reason is very simple:

once I once had to give up the words, but the final reason told a word I am so simple and there is no reason to do not go up, so I just bite a stick that is more than two months. Heaven helps those who help themselves., finally in the morning, the words of a more up to the home page, in fact, this not what happy things, because as I said before the word no competition strength, do this words to just because my name is called Xiong Wei, even if the name with such words do not blog home page, this is I too much to handle to a

well, in fact, these largely said today on is nonsense, no valuable typical meaning in it, but still I want to put my own mind to tell you, but also to let everyone to share some of my past few months results > results!

and through this thing I want to tell you is that, in fact, a lot of the time we just one step away from success!

to write this article actually can be regarded as a feeling today, since the day I began to set up a blog, I have been doing my own name + blog optimization, I always thought of myself as a Shanghai dragon, we do not say how how strong it will be at least let others can easily be able to find my blog! But I feel quite distressed, a love of Shanghai index is 0, the index fell in love with the sea no more than 200 thousand words, didn’t do the first position.

the time flies, the Nanchang Shanghai dragon blog has already been established for over four months, which also experienced a major change — change the domain name. Although there are nearly two weeks into the downturn, but fortunately, I have not given up, it also makes me this blog the knock knock came today! Here I want to thank the very few friends, for example: ten years, master Xie Beijing and cook, love songs, they straight behind silently behind me, without them I think I may not always support to support today.

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