A new ranking is not a dream unremittingly for a month

> The initial idea is very important



small early in the site, is already planning everything. For the selection of space, in order to avoid the record of trouble, small selection of a host of Hongkong, had used before the Hongkong host, regardless of the price, the website open speed can meet the needs of all small, so decisive a good selection of space business. The site selection procedure, small in times such as dedecms, sdcms, CMS, WordPress and other major Empire CMS content management program, build resolutely chose the WordPress website, all the week, WordPress for Shanghai dragon search engine is very friendly, it is also very fast, before using it set up a blog, the day after the line, it is the love of Shanghai included the home page, so the station building is non WordPress enterprises can not.


process, the mentality is very important

space domain, and procedures are in place, start the website template, Xiaobian not love with the trend, not use hot template selection is a partial rather hot small fresh template. In this template, Xiao Bian abandoned the dross, leaving the essence, after substantial changes, changed in the eyes of the website. When the construction site template, we must follow two principles, the user experience with the search experience. As the name suggests, the user experience, is a website that allows customers to have a good visual experience in appearance. The search experience refers to the friendly website to the search engine, in the program code to be written by JS transmission standard, less code and so on. These two points are indispensable, imagine, if your site is very good, but the search experience is not good, love Shanghai don’t grab, no rank, no weight, again good site, users can see. On the other hand, if your site do not look good, even if you are in the first row, can not catch the attention of customers, will only have no click, conversion rate. Site preparation do these two points, then you have been successful in half.

Shanghai dragon


shows clearly small website all in a good state, is expected in the near future, also a further step. Next, to a comprehensive summary from the psychological experience and experience to share the early site now ranked rise.


early in the site, as a qualified webmaster, from the domain name space selection, selection of site procedures, to the overall structure of the site layout, must be clear in mind.

is never a calm person, does not have to high level of sad, really is not small. This is not a small part of the railway station, only a month early, to have ranked within the top 100, the weight also rose from 0 to 1, small heart that Joseph ah, it is self-evident, the screenshot below to share the map with the truth.

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