Shanghai Longfeng optimization you know several steps

station layout optimization analysis

including the main keywords and long tail keywords, this is the first step to do Shanghai dragon, is the most basic and most important. How to analysis? I said in several most commonly used methods for everyone: this major search engine drop-down box (usually love Shanghai, 360), search the major search engines (usually love Shanghai, 360), all kinds of webmaster keyword analysis tool (common home owners, love station), traffic statistics tool analysis, competitor site summary (this takes a long time to accumulate, the most commonly used cnzz, Baidu, 51la). Need to do summary keywords layout in the home of good words, the main keyword suggestion frequency at around 5%, the long tail keywords in 3%.

2, website structure optimization analysis

worked in the general network company of friends can skip this step, because the general network company received the list simply made several subject rankings, with the home page can do, for the long-term development requirements of the customer or your company’s website, need to consider some more, Shanghai dragon is more than let have a good website the ranking in the search keyword, more important is to let every page of the website as traffic entrance, site overall weight lifting.

said this, do still early in the site are needed, to save a lot of trouble, the website structure generally use the flat tree structure is good, what is a flat tree structure, there are a lot of this article online, not speak again. The three layer is the main physical structure and logical structure of network. This is more conducive to spider crawling and crawling.

4, the website home page, page directory page, comprehensive optimization of


analysis of key wordsKeywords


I am Shanghai team head of ice dragon Calvino Ze, commonly used screen name: zhch1214 and zh_ch1214, to do is have the fifth Shanghai dragon years, in the site optimization process for so many years, did not dare to say is very successful, some experience is always there, for a new team member recently added, I explained to him some of the most basic optimization steps, Shanghai dragon, is not only the fight is mental physical fight, staying up late is normal, every time the search engine update, the heart can not stand. The following is my new members explain the small notes, take it for your reference, I hope useful for everyone.

need to consider the layout of the site and some code optimization, such as home at least one can update the list at the bottom of Links module, using H tags, style table file using external references, automatically add pictures alt attribute (the latter do not add pre manual will be very troublesome, open compression program) etc.. But a lot of people over the site is on the line too, so this step no conditions can not be considered.

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