ndustry website series should not act with undue haste

2, the chain of the advantages and disadvantages of

now many people of the new site, although this way through the soft gold website can be included. But as a new station, this is not a healthy way of development. A few hair root site, they give you reproduced, this is obviously for ways to promote himself. The recommended way is not the natural soft. So the development of nature, nature is the best way to get. This is why people write the article that Shanghai Lee engineer blog answer pure text outside the chain is included, but natural, others recommend natural pure text is the best quality. A new station is not up to such a degree. Because of the vulnerability of the railway station when we go to the promotion must be considered good, should not act with undue haste. You know, your competitors are after a long time to hone, position it sites now steeped in the Internet long time only. We have one or several months to reach the level of it or that may not go beyond it?.


before the series of articles you may know, the operation of Dong’ou valve network just sent out an article before, said to seconds, how to have ranking, today to a query, find love Shanghai although collected some pages, the snapshot of the home page also can reach the effect of the day. But the page number is included, is not put out, you can see more than 1000 of the included in the statistics of love in Shanghai, site from only one home. After that, the work or there is a blow to their confidence. But the pain will have to think of pain, what causes such a situation?

The new vulnerability

chain is more cheating, less weight not the chain. Adsense always outside the circle of confusion and chain. I think every day is the same, the text to the site, let the site can achieve very good results. However, practice has proved that the method is good, but the operation run, the number of the chain increase in a short time so much is really not healthy. Personally think that the text to speed up the chain in the site snapshot, speed up the website content included is very advantageous. But the number of pure text of the chain in the key help is not so ideal. Because the chain is just pure text in the dissemination of the domain name. And the anchor text chain is different, it is to tell the search engine, the corresponding anchor text page is what word. So the chain form has advantages and disadvantages, the speed of the chain need a good grasp of. Only slowly growing site, to do the chain corresponding, everything will be natural. Shanghai Ou pump valve limited company is doing, reached a certain.

there is a saying that good, called More haste, less speed. Regardless of the industry website, or other site, want to eat into a fat or not how long can have the rankings, it is not a long way of development or poor health. Because the author has been operating a industry site optimization work, to write out some confusion, to share with you.

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