n the face of the hard work of Shanghai Longfeng owners how to do the chain strategy change

this phenomenon since the existence of love, although Shanghai still has some to solve this problem, although it can go through manual operation, but is there a tens of thousands of this station, he is also artificial? So, according to this situation, from the search engine perspective, to change their algorithms, but not completely the reform of the core algorithm, so it can only give less weight in the stack point value, such that nature can eliminate 80% of the station, but also sometimes have a fish escaped through the seine. After all, any kind of search engine can not solve all the problems, only 80% of the solution is very good. When it comes to search engine problems, naturally have to say the chain search engine is the most important factor.


stack keywords station at present according to my observation still exist, such as search "jewelry nest" will appear below the shocking results:

webmaster did not know A5, A5 is also a very good communication and soft release platform, I want to A5 the master as soft release is really clever, on one hand improve the weight of their station, because every day a queue who contributes to contribute to a large number of original articles, on the other hand, the service station groups, let people are more dependent on A5, which can better development. As a small webmaster, especially late webmaster, don’t set your goals too unrealistic or honestly, with no reality whatever, do their best, have a small, to cast an article to A5 every day, not by > 3 months with you

A5, a day to cast a soft

Shanghai dragon chain, absolutely cannot do without high quality, especially the key sex Shanghai ranking, no mass and high quality of the chain, to make up Arabian Nights keyword ranking is that. At least I have seen in the website, no site without a chain can make up. But now the chain really is more difficult than before, I do not know you did not find. Anyway, I go to the chain, the chain increased working so hard every day, in fact not much increase, and like the forum posts usually delete the majority, the chain effect of blog and bad message this link and useless, then how should we change the chain strategy? Accordingly, through experiments and research, summed up the chain strategy as follows:

Shanghai dragon is a combination of mental and physical work, perfect practice without the mental and physical dominance theory framework is in any case do not do well in Shanghai dragon. Now the Shanghai dragon is not a few years ago so simple, as long as the website had casually piled up some keywords, ranking will rise sharply, but not now, as steady as Mount Tai, piling up too many keywords will make the search engine that cheating, light right down, heavy K station. But this stack keywords phenomenon still exists, the so-called inherent reason, we do not have to touch the bird, the search engine’s bottom line, it is suicidal.

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