My website Shanghai Longfeng experience of six big taboo in the process of optimization

bogey) during optimization frequently modified

the use of black chain or four) is a tool of

) the third bogey excess addition chain with a chain of


believe that every webmaster station has a dream, there is hope that the site can love from Shanghai search ranking, and then get a lot of traffic, in order to achieve this dream, so we webmaster will optimize the website, but the website optimization is not easy, in order to avoid committing webmaster some unnecessary mistakes, so I summarized several big taboo following need attention in the website optimization webmaster in the process of

as long as the optimization of Shanghai love it a little understanding webmaster must know that, compared with other domestic search engine, love Shanghai for the site of the change is the most sensitive, especially in a very high weight website stationmaster is not the case, even if it is a punctuation changes to the site, or is a code would have been love to punish Shanghai. Therefore, the webmaster want to get traffic from Shanghai love there, so when the website optimization is best not to easily change the

in our normal webmaster website optimization process, the most taboo is the webmaster overfilling the website keywords, after all, for the net Bi keywords are love Shanghai Lou a certain amount of restrictions, if your site keywords exceed this limit, then love Shanghai will recognize your website in your website that cheating. Not credible, and said, the number of keywords website is less, so the weight of keywords to the higher, the higher the weight of keywords and also means that your competition is bigger,

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second) avoid overfilling the website keywords


website in Shanghai dragon in the optimization process, many owners may be holding the competition to succeed the idea, then the use of black chain or a tool to benefit and cheating, but there is little need to understand is that although like the black chain with some optimization tools can indeed enhance the site’s ranking in a short time in may even let you rise to search the first home page, but the side effects are also relatively large, once let Shanghai know you love cheating in this way, then the site must bear the severe punishment

love ShanghaiThe website! !

may be as long as the love of Shanghai optimization have a little understanding of webmaster are clear, the website to optimize the success in Shanghai in search of love to have a good ranking is certainly not the quality of the chain and Links, the problem is the webmaster can not increase too much in a short period of time. Therefore, in order to the website can! Have a good ranking, get traffic from Shanghai love there, our webmaster usually in the chain added with Links is under the control of the best quantity, as well as their quality, not to release the chain by using some


content of low quality and avoid) on the acquisition of

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