How to do web site keywords ranking

website ranking = overall trust given initial ranking + site information + + third prominent auxiliary link weight factor

how to understand this sentence, the trust had been put forward, in the love of Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2011 edition in Shanghai also proposed friendly degree will affect the ranking that said, in another point of view, love Shanghai said friendly degree actually is trust.


link weight: this point needs to pay attention to what is the link transfer the weight, he not only is said to pass through the weight chain, in fact the station is, as long as the link, will have the weight transfer.

site information assistant: this sentence is well understood, we do in the station optimization, often used, such as with the alt attribute for images, the alt attribute text for keywords, keyword, keyword density control, internal links, H tags, which belong to this category, the main purpose of this class is the station and highlight your words related information. For example an article we will give the title plus H1, the key words will do directional text bold, the purpose of doing so is to the search engines that are bold, plus H1 text is very important.

site overall trust given initial row: the main factors affecting the trust from the station, for example the update, the frequency of updates, many people would say that the weight of the website the website snapshot is good, in fact, this is not the weight of good, but your site’s high degree of trust and love. Shanghai will consult you trust this factor gives you an initial website ranking, the best example is that some websites we see him and not much outside the chain, but his ranking is truly very good, for example in our various factors than the other site, but throw without the other high ranking, actually this the result is trust.

the above content and I some keywords ranking view and explain, if you ask about my opinion what do not agree with the welcome to communicate with. The >

the third factors: in fact, normally we mainly do is more than 3 points, but the removal of more than 3 points and some factors will improve our rankings, perhaps some friends have noticed that some friends did not notice the third factors, for example, he included the bounce rate of your website, search through the love of Shanghai click (click on the principle of love in Shanghai, for example) in intelligent DNS resolution and so on, these are the third factors, the factor of whether we are consciously or unconsciously in fact there will be some data is generated, so as to improve our ranking

keyword ranking is an important factor in the assessment of Shanghai Longfeng, many novice friends often ask how to improve the keywords ranking, ranking of how to do a similar problem, so I summed up a keyword ranking formula to help novice friends questions, also welcome everyone together to discuss.


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