The word around the website optimization three aspects need to pay attention to


3, around a word with the original article the effect will be better

page optimization looks very simple, but the actual operation must also pay attention to the details, so that we can in a certain keyword optimization do better than others. Combined with the practice of their own, I think to do around a site optimization need to pay attention to three aspects:



believes that many webmaster friends website optimization strategy no less use of four word, this method is simple, is in the title of the page, keyword and page description, content and related pages four positions on the key words, to strengthen the key word optimization effect. The word around a website optimization method I also use never like naturally or half unconsciously, only the teacher as it is concentrated into the essence of theory, perhaps this is the Shanghai dragon master and rookie difference.

feel most of the search engine is the original, my experience is around a word with the original words would be better, especially for Google, as long as you do this, the long tail word to do not have another station optimization, are likely to get better ranking pictures:

1, anchor text links should not blunt

The word around

article by good body slimming products list 贵族宝贝haoshencai520贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you

is also very good!


when I do before the anchor text links the no less to make this mistake, anchor text links actually seen in many blunt insertion sites or pseudo original acquisition among all can, nothing wrong with the word around the use of location, but the drawback is that the insertion of keywords and articles

website optimization keywords and the number of the best placed in nature, but also pay attention to moderate, not the more the better. Take the page title, the key number not more than two times, but also use the phrases of different manifestation. As a stand to lose weight to optimize the "slimming" the most effective keywords, the page title as "the most effective weight loss pills are what the most effective weight loss drug price" and the like, rather than a simple superposition of repeated N times. Keywords

" in Shanghai love rankings almost came in around 100, because we all know, so it no longer! Anyway, will give preferential treatment to the original search engine ranking, website optimization tool and original + word around

The word "


! The word around

2, avoid accumulation

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