On the 404 page settings and matters needing attention

first you need to design a 404 page, this need not I teach? Very simple, pay attention to use DW to design their own, 404 page, can not automatically jump to the home page, so it is not friendly to search engines, your site will be right down, even convicted of cheating, you give a clear link to guide everyone to point on the line. After finishing can begin to set up 404 pages, the first 404 pages by FTP uploaded to the site root directory, if you are using a virtual host, then you can enter the host management control panel, generally there is an error page to set this function, you choose the 404 page web directory, point to determine the OK! I use the 404 page space settings as shown below:

A website

or VPS server, you can own VPS or server settings, I also use of a web site is VPS, IIS configuration, so Xiamen Shanghai dragon will talk about how to set the IIS configuration 404, you open the IIS, and then find your site, right click the -> attribute; -> the wrong document set, find 404, and then click the edit, find below your web root personality 404 pages, selected, point to determine the OK, note that the type you want to select a file, do not select the message, select the message, the status code returned is 200, this is wrong!

404 page is a more important aspect of the web site optimization, when you enter a wrong, will jump to 404 pages, it returns a status code of 404, is to tell the search engine, this site does not exist, you do not included in it, no, we are not found the 404 page is ugly, the user experience is not good, this is the default 404, if you don’t feel good if you can set up their own 404 page a personalized, so how to set?

If you are using

every time when we enter an incorrect URL in the browser, it will jump to a page, "said the page cannot be found: you are searching the page may have been deleted, renamed or is temporarily unavailable, this is called the 404 page. The next Xiamen Shanghai dragon like everyone to detail about 404 pages!

set the end we should go to check the page after the return 404 status code is 404, if it is correct, if the return status code is 200, it shows that there is a problem! Simply talk about why return 200 status code is not correct. We enter a wrong link in the browser, when there is no set personalized page 404, must return status code >

Xiamen Shanghai dragon has a 404 page address: www.***贵族宝贝/404.htm, you can look at, is not very good? The next Xiamen Shanghai dragon will give you 404 talk about how to set up a personalized page!

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