Talk about the new sites included love Shanghai submitted outdated method

algorithm and the new algorithm, compared to the link, a smaller link algorithm to determine, even a single link not to be included, other links with a web site is not affected.

(1) to the site before the site robots, prevent the query to the spider web site, lying in the gun.

1. new Shanghai submitted

website collect and snapshot has been Shanghai Longfeng hot research station for enterprises and large area station group website webmaster friends, if this problem can be resolved, should be able to save more than half of the time cost.

Why not to love The new

(2) website content, website content as far as possible to ensure the original early, at least should ensure that the site has ten articles above.

You can see the

has characteristics of love Shanghai included, we can also make corresponding strategies. Look at the author’s achievements, just do the new station, that is the second.

(4) special web content, such as Taobao, special guest website enterprise website, still don’t go to the early site acquisition, in addition, the first query related content of the same industry website, has been included as much as possible with the and >

loves Shanghai as well as other search engines, for the railway station, specially set up a submit entrance, including blog, website, sitemap. But the difference is that other search engine submission included soon, love Shanghai effect is just passable.


2, how to promote the new fast included

(3) the content of the website with the Shanghai dragon standard, such as a web site title, keywords, description, the use of non love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query, dead link sites, open speed JavaScript, whether the inclusion of Shanghai banned words of love.

through a new link to the chain index, note here refers to the link is not necessarily the website home page, also is the content page, page classification. Get through other links to articles, will also determine the page quality, if the quality of the page will be released immediately, if qualified, unqualified, in connection to delete list.

for new sites, love Shanghai in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, the addition of a filtering mechanism, we tentatively scheduled for the new audit method. If you submit the URL you love Shanghai immediately determine the station for the new station, enter the audit period. The principle of new algorithm is very simple, noble baby also has similar sandbox algorithm, only the nobility baby set up to do when the black hat Shanghai dragon behavior in the right to be reduced or new submission, the judgment of love Shanghai, if your content is good, then the possible early release site; if your content again, not as a dump, will have one or two weeks of release; if you are judged as garbage station, so can only congratulate you won the lottery. This method is very simple in the early to prevent a dumpster, but a lot of the time, judged as good website is very difficult.

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