How to plan the enterprise micro-blog marketing by Chen Liang

as micro-blog is getting more and more fire, the value of micro-blog increasingly apparent. Micro-blog gold rally has been sounded, 140 words can hold marketing! The world’s top 500 small and medium-sized enterprises are still wading micro-blog. Shanghai marketing director Chen Liang led into micro-blog search marketing, let him come to us to share the enterprise micro-blog marketing preparatory work:

enterprise micro-blog positioning and content building

Micro-blog enterprise

can locate the official micro-blog (micro media), enterprise leader micro-blog (micro propagation), customer service (micro-blog micro service), micro-blog (micro PR), micro-blog (micro market marketing), micro-blog in different position, the contents of his construction is also different; < /p>The official micro-blog

content is more formal, enterprises can publish the latest trends, show the brand image with


business leader micro-blog is a corporate executive with a personalized micro-blog, the industry has a strong appeal in the industry, is intended to become industry opinion leaders, can affect the user concept;


customer interaction, and strengthen communication between enterprise customers, respond quickly rushed to action;

products micro-blog found that the company’s negative news and quick processing, more as a public relations;

market micro-blog through micro-blog marketing activities, to break the restrictions on the number of regional, interactive marketing;

is the enterprise of small long tail keywords with the name of the enterprise, product, service and performance related to a group of micro-blog for the micro-blog name, such as Shanghai Sina micro-blog to search in the Pudong website construction for micro-blog micro-blog group marketing.


positioning enterprises every kind of, but often a variety of different micro-blog companies need to together with the micro-blog marketing, such a huge project often requires a team to operate.

enterprise micro-blog weapon


play is a high skills of live, play enterprise micro-blog is more time-consuming and physical consumption mental three "consumption" project, so there is a sharp multiplier has become the premise of successful enterprises micro-blog marketing, the author here recommended domestic first-class brand micro-blog marketing solutions to push Sina micro-blog promotion assistant.

easy to push Sina micro-blog promotion assistant is a micro-blog marketing service website, micro-blog marketing can help are willing to carry out the marketing in micro-blog users fast and low cost, the maximum value of individual users can also help mining micro-blog marketing, micro-blog marketing has been 2 years, has the help web site, the shop owner, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises micro-blog marketing rich experience in the industry, the original multi thread and multi task operation mode, the underlying protocol fast provides a viable business model for micro-blog users to carry out marketing, let micro-blog marketing is no longer difficult to provide related services, micro-blog marketing service for 2 years, tens of thousands of users. More than thirty senior R & D team took a year to build carefully, to provide reliable technical support.

hand a easy push Sina micro-blog promotion assistant, team >

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