Ali sink sink large cities and counties nationwide home appliances package

news July 10th news Alibaba Sina Technology Group announced a comprehensive strategy to start sinking channels, the group’s Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan Electric City, with rookie standardization of logistics services, mobile phone Taobao two-dimensional code scan code share etc., the large home appliance delivery service first launched in more than 2 thousand and 600 counties nationwide.

It is reported that

, July 14th to July 20th, Ali’s Taobao, Juhuasuan, Tmall Electric City in more than 2 thousand and 600 cities and counties to provide consumers with large appliances nationwide shipping, home delivery, let three or four line of consumer online shopping experience a second big city as online shopping service and high quality products.

with rookie logistics system in addition to the channel sink, Taobao from whitewashing before shouting slogans, try to upgrade to distance personal service line: three or four urban and rural consumers and brands cooperation Taobao caravan, distributed online coupons, shopping guide kind experience, two-dimensional code to purchase large appliances and other activities to the countryside "online shopping".

Taobao released in 2013, the county’s regional online shopping development report: in 2012 the county per capita online shopping 54 times, more than a second tier cities per capita online shopping 39 times. Accordingly, the county’s per capita amount of online shopping is also more than a second tier cities. The day before the release of the data also show that in 2013 this trend is still expanding, online shopping consumption growth, 13.6% faster than the city county.

although the trend is obvious, large home appliances online shopping has been subject to logistics services. Prior to this, for 3 to 6 lines of urban consumers, online shopping and a second tier city consumers enjoy is not the same, not only expensive, logistics service is not satisfactory. The home appliance chain giant online shopping can sink to the four line of the city, only a few people involved in rural markets. (Wen Dao)

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