Call ha 3 gorgeous debut to create luxury network paradise

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recently, a luxury site in the earliest established, Huha network low-key change skin, gorgeous turn, become the country’s first noble B2C, presented in the eyes of consumers is a delicate, taste, style of exclusive network mall experience. Attracted many eyes of the industry, there are experts who said: finally a website can set off the value of luxury goods. This also means that the Chinese market has formally with the international standards.

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internal staff revealed that WOOHA version 3 brewing for more than a year, set up a special team to create the UED secret, people in the industry at a glance can be seen, whether functional or modules are user centered design, pay more attention to the user experience. Create a real shopping and culture as one of the lifestyle model.

possession of every city luxury

this is the 3 theme, a listen to the desire to arouse the imagination. Open the web site, the eye is red wine color, simple and elegant, European Journal of wind, a pleasant swim in it. In the brand hall, you can see the brand information from around the world, and even the brand belongs to the country’s cultural information, can be seen to buy, truly one-stop shopping service.

said that the price of luxury goods sold is not a commodity, she stores an era of history, the history of a brand is an era of culture created. And understand the development of a brand can also appreciate the development of a country where homes will be able to experience the world of fashion, "put the world in you home", let everyone’s heart with one world, we can see that the Huha network has begun its own mission.

"luxury" dream

click on the new features of the home demo module, the reporter saw the text

2010.10.18 wooha3.0 version of the global outlook formally launched

more international visual impact, more humane flower VI system

more high-end brand selection, real-time trend of release

more intimate shopping experience, more surprise discount

our dream: to create the most international, the best, most personalized fashion shopping experience, to become China and even the world’s most outstanding online luxury mall.

More than

text reminiscent of the founder of the founder of the court even called the word: the value of the brand and the responsibility of the brand, the greater the responsibility, pay more, the greater the value. Such a group of people, trying to spread a voice from China on the international stage, and now, they are on the way to start.

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