Let the novice detours a minon novice advice

as a novice, easy impulse, all registered meters feel good, that can sell at high prices, all day feeling is like a half a year, you can earn a pot of gold. After a month, began to have anxiety, no place to sell rice, began to sell everywhere, from post, meters, half a month, did not sell a m, how to do? Put a few thousand dollars, not for naught. I think this is the only way for many beginners.

advised novices:

1, calm down and think about how much you can invest in, how big the scale.

meters world investment 3-5 million, 5-20 million is millet agricultural inputs in rice farmers, investment of more than 200 thousand large rice farmers. We all see how much you can, if you can only put 10 thousand or less, please listen to my advice, teach you registered what meters, you don’t lose too much money or wasted.

2, domain name registration, depending on what the domain name needs, the more objects to be, the more valuable the domain name. The domain name registration advised not to indulge in self-admiration, such as: sina8.cn, yahoo35.com and so on, to have commercial value, businesses will use the domain name.

3, registered as short meters, is 3 meters short coin: such as letters, 3 numbers, 2 miscellaneous and so on, certainly not just registered, to grasp the market, with the batch query tool to check, check out similar domain name and how much, if the domain name registration will be more good the meaning, it can be said that rice will not lose. In 05 years in June, registered 22.org.cn, when the number of org.cn is still a lot of, I picked a good, and now sell well in the 200. At that time, some people thought it was rubbish.

general register short meter order: 2 bit >, org.cn

, pure; > cn> com.cn> net.cn>

4 to six months to a year’s time to exercise eyesight. Novice do not know what the domain name is valuable, which is of no value, it is necessary to watch, listen, learn, regular forum to see posted, to listen to the market forecast, it is best to worship an experienced teacher minon, this can reduce a lot of unnecessary tuition.

here to write some of the more superficial to discuss together:

such as

A, names, places and people: I think many people should know that this is certainly something to appreciate, like beijing.com, shanghai.net, hunan.org and so on, including zjj.cn (Zhangjiajie), jgs…… Com.cn (Jinggangshan), dl.cn (Dalian) and so on, are of high value of the domain name, it can be the object of any local businesses, or can be used as a local information website. Name is the name of a person who has a commercial value

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