Liu Qiangdong’s public relations crisis shows soft obscenity does not concede admit

Two days before the

on micro-blog airs Liu Qiangdong, with’s "defeat" after the war, lost goodwill. The past being touted users of micro-blog Marketing Master became outspoken lying across the east. After being himself referred to, Liu Qiangdong finally sit still, stand up for crisis public relations. Liu Qiangdong’s distinctive characteristics of public relations crisis, showing the soft YY (meaning / her) not admit defeat.

Liu Qiangdong: I did not expect that Suning will challenge

Liu Qiangdong: I didn’t think Suning will fight, the words who believe? Is the wisdom of the people will not believe. If Suning does not challenge the second day domestic media on the "Jingdong rival Suning, Suning fight shy of Jingdong", "business model has replaced the traditional retail model" and so on the content of the report is everywhere, and Liu Qiangdong will take the Suning not challenge the writing the beauty of their big blow blow. Suning media with 20 years of dealing, don’t know public opinion will evolve? So Suning will challenge. Even if Liu Qiangdong did not think Suning will fight, Liu Qiangdong’s advisers are incompetent? Certainly not say, just don’t know Liu Qiangdong for his defeat for the steps.

barefoot shoes are not afraid to wear shoes barefoot challenge

barefoot shoes are not afraid to wear shoes, barefoot men also said with words of sophistry. Liu Qiangdong said Dangdang, fast and easy to take with him every day, he did not respond, because Jingdong and Dangdang, Yi Xun is not an order of magnitude. But Liu Qiangdong also thinks he and Su Ning are not an order of magnitude, so that the Jingdong most probably it did not actually happen barefoot rival Suning, Suning will not respond to contempt of Jingdong. This is completely changed the concept, Dangdang, Yi Xun Jingdong, that is between the electricity supplier and the electricity supplier competition, Jingdong must despise their ignored. Similarly, a volume of 10 times smaller than Suning Appliance Chain Retailer challenge Suning, Suning will also ignore. But the Jingdong challenge Suning meaning is completely different, this is the business model challenge the traditional retail model, so the shoes barefoot must give some color to see see.

On the scale of chicken

Liu Qiangdong not eclipse the rice

Liu Qiangdong looks down on Dangdang, fast and easy, ignoring their challenge, but Liu Qiangdong wanted to think highly of Suning, Suning stepped barefoot trend to be superior, Suning is not stupid. Ratio of sales, Jingdong sales last year was 20 billion, Suning is the 100 billion Jingdong, far less than the Su Ning, don’t forget to last year’s sales volume of 5 billion 900 million,’s size is also far less than the Jingdong. It is on the upper Su Ning to the Jingdong, Jingdong to be on top of The real barefoot is, not the Jingdong. Only Jingdong can not Renzhang, Renzhang even underwear are lost, so Jingdong now actively guide public opinion to the Su Ningshi soft, firm can not recognize the lost to

YY (Italian / obscene): let consumers know the line below the price of


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